Heralds of Galactus

Name: Heralds of Galactus

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

Number of group members listed below: 14

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Pub. #
Air-Walker Air-Walker villain
CBR Scale: I N.A.
Heralds of Galactus
[robot made in memory of original Gabriel Lan]
Marvel 27
Air-Walker Air-Walker (Gabriel Lan) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Xandarian
Heralds of Galactus; Nova Corps
[mistaken for angel Gabriel]
Marvel 6
Dark Angel (Kathisul Evin) supporting character
CBR Scale: M occult
Heralds of Galactus Marvel UK 7
The Destroyer The Destroyer villain
CBR Scale: I N.A.
Heralds of Galactus Marvel 58
The Fallen One The Fallen One villain
  Heralds of Galactus Marvel 14
Firelord Firelord (Pyreus Kril) hero
CBR Scale: S Xandarian religion
Guardians of the Galaxy; Galactic Guardians...  Marvel 107
Galactus Galactus (Galan) villain
CBR Scale: M cosmic entity
Heralds of Galactus (leader) Marvel 537
Heralds of Galactus supporting character group
Morg Morg villain
  Heralds of Galactus Marvel 37
Nova Nova (Frankie Raye) hero
  The Fantastic Four (ally); Heralds of Galactus Marvel 131
Red Shift Red Shift villain
  Heralds of Galactus Marvel 8
Silver Surfer Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) hero
CBR Scale: S Zenn-La religion
The Defenders; Secret Defenders...  Marvel 826
Stardust Stardust (Lambda-Zero) villain
CBR Scale: M Ethereal
Heralds of Galactus; United Front Marvel 16
Terrax the Tamer Terrax the Tamer (Tyros) villain
  The Offenders; Heralds of Galactus...  Marvel 115