Name: F.I.6.

Other Names: FI-6; F.I.-6; FI6

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Excalibur (vol. 1) #45 (Dec. 1991): "Nightcrawler's Technet"

Creators: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer

Number of Appearances: 2

Enemy of: Necrom

Type of Organization/Group: government agency, intelligence agency

Nation: United Kingdom

Note: intelligence agency Micromax belonged to

FI-6 was a British intelligence agency. They are perhaps best known for having been the former employer of Micromax, who later had many interactions with Excalibur and other Marvel super-heroes.

Most members of FI-6 were not super-heroes like Micromax. Many of members of this organization were psychics. The organization used a lot of cutting-edge technology.

Most of the members of FI-6 were killed by the villain Necrom. After that, the group essentially disbanded, with its remaining agents and resources absorbed into R.C.X. (another British intelligence agency).

Number of group members listed below: 3

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Pub. #
F.I.6. supporting character group
  [intelligence agency Micromax belonged to] Marvel 2
Micromax Micromax (Scott Wright) hero
  Excalibur; F.I.6....  Marvel 38
George Wallace supporting character
  F.I.6. Marvel 1

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