two guys driving around

The Religious Affiliation of
two guys driving around

Religion: Pentecostal CBR Scale: D

Name: two guys driving around

Classification: group group   non-feature lead characters non-feature lead characters  

Publisher(s): unknown

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: evil town

Gender: male


From: "Religious musings, part 2", posted 11 November 2004 on the McG Clan blog website (; viewed 6 January 2006):

I remember reading Pentecostal comic books! Only the "heroes" were these two guys (one was black and one was white) and they would drive around looking for cities where they felt God was leading them to conquer the forces of evil. One issue has them driving at night (investigating the mysterious disappearances of several young women - read "virgins") and they almost run over a bum. When they get out of the car to see if he's OK they discover that he's eating human fingers. Later on, they discover that several of the town's prominent citizens (mayor, police chief) are part of the occult, and have been sacrificing these young women in the name of Satan.

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