Madame Medusa

The Religious Affiliation of
Madame Medusa

Religion: manifestly non-religious CBR Scale: S

Name: Madame Medusa

Other Names: The Diamond Duchess; Medusa; Auntie Medusa

Classification: villain villain   based on a real person based on a real person  

Publisher(s): Little, Brown and Company

First Appearance: Miss Bianca (30 Jan. 1962) - vol. 2 in The Rescuers series

Creators: Margery Sharp, Garth Williams, Geraldine Page (actress)

Number of Appearances: 4

   TV, Film Appearances: 3

   Prose/Text Book/Story Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Bernard, Miss Bianca, Penny

Employer: pawn shop

Ally: Mr. Snoops

Occupation: pawnbroker

Location: Devil's Bayou, Louisiana, USA

Race: white

Gender: female

Madame Medusa is a pawn shop owner who kidnaps a little girl to use in helping her find the world's largest diamond, the Devil's Eye.

Madame Medusa's appearance was based on animator Milt Kahl's ex-wife.

The Rescuers feature film was based on Margery Sharp's original children's novels The Rescuers and Miss Bianca. The plot came (loosely) from Miss Bianca. The character of Madame Medusa is the film version of the book's villain, "The Diamond Duchess," although some commentators have noted that there are few similarities between the two characters aside from their part in the story's plot and their tendency to drive recklessly.

This character is in the following 2 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Miss Bianca (30 Jan. 1962) - vol. 2 in The Rescuers series
The Rescuers (1977)

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