mystery bosses

mystery bosses

Name: mystery bosses

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): CBS

First Appearance: Hostages - Season 1, Episode 1 (23 Sep. 2013): "Pilot"

First Appearance (Additional Details): (behind the scenes) Hostages - Season 1, Episode 1 (23 Sep. 2013): "Pilot"; (mentioned explicitly but unnamed) Hostages - Season 1, Episode 3 (7 Oct. 2013): "Power of Persuasion"

Creators: Omri Givon, Alon Aranya, Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Dr. Ellen Sanders, Paul Kincaid

Allies: Burton Delaney, Quentin Creasy

Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Note: leaders of conspiracy to assassinate U.S. President

In the first episode of the TV series "Hostages," rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle led a small crew of mercenaries and associates who took Dr. Ellen Sanders' family hostage in order to force her to kill the President of the United States during an upcoming surgical operation. Duncan is clearly the field leader of the operation and does most of the leading of this conspiracy that we see on screen. But we also see that Duncan is working with other co-conspirators. Duncan is working with White House Chief of Staff Quentin Creasy. He is also working with his own father-in-law, Burton Delaney.

During a meeting between Duncan, Quentin and Burton, the Chief of Staff explains that he personally likes the President, but that sometimes history calls on men to do something for the good of the whole world. Duncan tells him: "You have your reasons. I have mine."

Although no "higher" conspirators are seen, it is clear that Quentin Creasy and Duncan Carlisle are reporting to somebody else, somebody higher up in the conspiracy to assassinate the President.

The existence of a top bosses above Quentin Creasy and Duncan Carlisle and Burton Delaney is hinted at by dialogue in the first two episodes of "Hostages." In the third episode, Quentin actually calls a mysterious boss from a parking lot (after Duncan threatens his life and the life of Quentin's wife and child). An attempt kill Duncan was made, presumably on the orders of Quentin Creasy or the top boss, because the boss felt that complications made use of Dr. Sanders to kill the president no longer tenable. Duncan threatened Quentin in order to get him to tell the top conspiracy boss that they could fix the complications and get the plot back on track.

Quentin calls his mysterious boss (with Duncan holding a gun on him in a parking garage) and talks to him briefly. Duncan (and viewers) only hear one side of the conversation, with goes as follows:

Quentin Creasy: It's me... Something's come up. I think we should reconsider the decision to terminate the operation... Because I've just learned that the President is going to remain with Dr. Sanders so the original plan is still viable... Yes, I'm positive.

Now, at the time that Duncan forced Quentin to make this call, Duncan knew he needed to get the President to go back to his original plan to use Dr. Sanders for his surgery. Duncan knew that the people behind the conspiracy would probably keep trying to kill him, and they would probably kill Quentin as well, if they were not able to get back to the original plan. But the President had not actually made such a decision. Duncan was working on a plan in his mind for how to get this to happen, but Quentin knew that at this point in time, what he was telling his bosses simply wasn't true at all.

After the phone call, Quentin told Duncan: "You're safe. For now."

Still holding a gun to Quentin's head, Duncan said: "Good. That means you're safe too. For now."

Quentin then said: "You realize we're both out on a limb here. I've just lied to some very powerful, very unforgiving people."

Duncan replied: "If you do as I say, it won't be a lie for long."

Something that Quentin's words to Duncan make very clear is that there is not just a single individual who he is reporting to, but rather a group of "people." He called only one person, but there is more than one individual who is a higher-up, top "boss" over the conspiracy to assassinate the President. At this point, however, in the third episode of "Hostages," the identity of the bosses is a complete mystery.

Later in episode, after the crisis in their plan has been averted, Quentin meets with Duncan Carlisle in a bar. Quentin tells Carlisle: "I want you to know... it was not my idea to take you out. That order came from someone else, higher up the chain. I didn't even know about it." Then Quentin asks: "You believe me?"

Duncan answers flatly: "No. Not for a second."

Duncan answers: "

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Pub. #
Burton Delaney Burton Delaney supporting character
  [father-in-law of hostage-taker Duncan Carlisle] CBS 3
mystery bosses mystery bosses villain group
  [leaders of conspiracy to assassinate U.S. President] CBS 1

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