Agent Tommy Juniper

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Name: Agent Tommy Juniper

Other Names: Thomas Juniper

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: X-Men Forever (vol. 2) #7 (Nov. 2009): "Past Is Prologue"

Creators: Chris Claremont, Steve Scott, Al Vey

Number of Appearances: 1

Teams/Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D.

Enemy of: Sentinels, Master Mold

Ally: Nick Fury

Family/Relative: Junior Juniper

Occupation: agent, pilot

Birth Place: USA

Race: white

Gender: male

Note: killed by Sentinel during SHIELD op in Andes Mountains

In the opening pages of X-Men Forever (vol. 2) #7 (Nov. 2009), three uniformed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents - Luis, Agent Wallace, and Agent Tommy Juniper -- are seen "deep in the Andes Mountains." They are investigating the scene where tanks were destroyed, apparently by something very large. SHIELD manages to establish a comlink to SHIELD director Nick Fury, who at that time was based in the X-Mansion in Westchester County, New York.

Luis (whose last name was never revealed) and Agent Wallace were on the ground, out in the rain. Tommy Juniper, the pilot of the helicopter that brought this three-man crew to the site, was still in helicopter.

Holding a large, high-powered gun across his chest, Luis said into his comlink: "This weather bites, Tommy."

From within the helicopter, Tommy answered: "C'Mon, guys, we're S.H.I.E.L.D. agents! What's it gonna look like if the Post Office can handle more weather than we can?"

In panel 2 on page 1, Tommy said: "I got the boss on the line--what's our sitch?"

By "boss", Tommy is referring to Nick Fury himself. The word "sitch" is slang for "situation."

Luis and Agent Wallace are standing next to what appears (from the air) to be a huge footprint filled with rain water. The impression in the soft jungle dirt may be two or three feet deep and appears to be about 25 to 30 feet in length.

Luis answers Tommy, saying: "First off, no sign of the tanks that called for our help. What we got here is a really big hole. Or a small lake, take your pick."

Agent Wallace, standing next to Luis, says to his partner: "Luis, check the contours here. Use a little imagination. I swear this looks kinda like a footprint."

In panels 3 and 4 on page 1, we see the interior of the helicopter on the site. Agent Tommy Juniper is looking at Nick Fury on a video comlink. Fury asks: "What d'you have, Mr. Juniper?"

Tommy Juniper answers: "Not altogether sure, Director. From what my guy tells me-- we're looking at a possible footprint. But if the dimensions are right, this thing's a giant."

In panels 1 and 2 on page 2, Tommy tells Fury: "With all the rain, though, it won't be here much longer. My team's looking for signs of any others."

Fury seems a bit frustrated with the current situation. He is working from within a SHIELD command center set up within Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Speaking aloud, heard by his assistant Ruben (and also Jean Grey and Charles Xavier), Fury says: "Why're we depending on three guys on the ground, people? S.H.I.E.L.D.'s got more hardware than Home Depot, what is it telling us?"

Ruben answers, explaining: "This is a weird neighborhood, Colonel. Weather and topography makes it hard to get effective intel, from the air or from orbit. We're lucky we have a radio signal. Remote data streams are very rough, and virtually useless."

In panel 5 on page 2, Tommy (seen by Fury on a video screen) says: "Director, I see something. It must be cloaked from our scanners, that's why we didn't detect it before-- my God, it's huge!"

Fury, seeing the panic in Tommy's eyes, orders:"Get out of there, Tommy, right NOW!"

Tommy says: "If I realign the camera, sir..."

In panel 1 on page 3, Tommy continues his sentence, saying: "...I can give you an ima--"

Tommy's sentence is cut off as his helicopter explodes, with him in it. Clearly whatever it was he saw attacked him and the helicopter he was in.

A few yards away, Agent Wallace and Luis were frightened and shocked by what they saw. Lu said: "What the--"

In panel 2, Lu and Agent Wallace watch as Tommy's dead body falls out of the destroyed helicopter. Lu observed: "Tommy's gone!"

Agent Wallace said: "And our hilo with him." (The "hilo" is their helicopter.)

In panel 3 on page 3, Agent Wallace tells his partner: "So start shooting, Lu-- before we're next!"

The two remaining agents begin shooting at their attacker. Some sort of weapon hits Luis, knocking him to the ground and apparently killing him. "Ughff!" he exclaims as he is knocked off his feet.

In panel 1 on page 4, Agent Wallace shoots continuously at his attacker while speaking into his comlink to Fury. He says: "Director, this is Agent Wallace--I hope you're getting this. Team's down, explosive-tipped rounds have no effect on hostile. Sir, I'm hitting it with everything I've got! Too much rain here. Can't make it out for sure--all I know is that it's huge, and deadly."

In panel 2 we hear Agent Wallace shout "Yearrrgh!" as he, too, is killed by the attacker.

The fight is over. In Panel 3 on page 4 we see Tommy's dead body on the ground. In panel 4 we see Agent Wallace's dead body on the ground.

In panel 5 we see the burning remains of the helicopter. In the distance it appears that the tops of the trees are moving, disturbed by the departing shadow of something unseen, but something that is clearly gigantic... and dangerous.

Tommy Juniper was an agent that Nick Fury knew well. As Fury explained on page 11, Tommy "was special. His father's uncle was Junior Juniper. Back in WW2, he was the youngest member of the Howling Commandos. He was a great kid. He was our first casualty."

The death of Tommy Juniper hit Nick Fury hard. After his death, there are many dialogue references to Tommy Juniper in this issue.

The X-Men, accompanied by Nick Fury, travelled to the site in the Andes Mountains where Tommy Juniper was killed. On page 19 they find his dead body.

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