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Religion: Norse/Teutonic paganism; Viking CBR Scale: M

Name: Ivar

Other Names: Ivar, son of Harald

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: New Comics #1 (Dec. 1935): "Vikings: Episode One"

Creators: Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, R. H. Livingstone

Number of Appearances: 22

Family/Relatives: King Harald (son), Sigrid (mother), Hagbard (grandfather)

Defended or Helped by: Kol the Wise

Occupation: child, prince

Birth Place: Norway

Race: white

Gender: male

Note: Sigrid's baby; sent to die by grandpa; bears mark of Odin

Ivar was a Viking baby, the son of Viking woman Sigrid and King Harald. King Harald sailed away from Sigrid's village not long after she conceived a child by him.

Soon after Ivar was born, his grandfather (Sigrid's father, Hagbard) ordered that the infant be abandoned in the wilderness, left to die. But Ivar did not die... Apparently the gods themselves had other plans for the infant.

Kol the Wise heard the howls of wolves in the wilderness. He followed the sound and found wolves, who were looking hungrily at the abandoned baby Ivar. But the wolves were held at bay by a three-pointed light, a symbol of the god Odin.

Kol drove the wolves off and found the infant. Then Kol looked up and saw Muninn and Huginn: two ravens who are Odin's totem creatures.

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