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Name: Needles

Classification: supporting character supporting character   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: New Comics #1 (Dec. 1935): "Hair-Cutting Machine"

Creators: Al Stahl

Number of Appearances: 2

Occupation: inventor

Birth Place: USA

Race: white

Gender: male

Note: invented a hair-cutting machine, which exploded

Needles was an inventor, but not necessarily a very competent one. He earned his diploma from a mail-order institution (correspondence course), which apparently never taught him anything about safety.

Needles did manage to invent something - a hair-cutting machine. But his invention yielded mixed results - to comical effect. The machine he invented exploded when he first tried to use it.

In his second published adventure, Needles tried to invent a way to grow hair on his head.

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New Comics

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