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Name: Dolores

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: New Fun #3 (Apr. 1935): "Jack Woods Vs. Pancho Villa, Part 3"

Creators: W. C. Brigham

Number of Appearances: 5

Family/Relative: Don Nogales (father)

Defended or Helped by: Jack Woods

Birth Place: Mexico

Race: Hispanic

Gender: female

Note: daughter of Don Nogales

Heroic cowboy Jack Woods attended a dinner hosted by the cattle rustler Don Nogales. Dolores, the beautiful daughter of Don Nogales, was there. Local governor Don Pedro De Roganza was also at the dinner. The governor took an interest in Dolores. The governor's interests were definitely not appreciated by the much younger Dolores. Jack Woods heroically defended Dolores's honor. In doing so, he angered the governor and ended up unjustly arrested and put before a firing squad.

Jack Woods was able to escape that predicament. He later ended up having occasion to rescue Dolores from far worse situations

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