The Mysterious Stranger

Religion: not determined yet

Name: The Mysterious Stranger

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: New Fun #1 (Feb. 1935): "The Mysterious Stranger: Part 1"

Creators: Lyman Anderson

Number of Appearances: 3

Enemy of: Jack Andrews

Birth Place: USA

Gender: male

Note: tried to bribe Jack; later tampered with ski jump

In the first installment of the "Jack Andrews" feature (which appeared in New Fun #1, the first comic book ever published by DC Comics), a mysterious stranger tried to bribe Jack Andrews at a football game.

In the second issue of New Fun, Jack saw somebody tampering with the ski jump he was on. As he went down the jump, it cracked and collapsed. Only Jack's great agility and athletic skill saved him. Jack managed to catch up with the man who damaged the jump, only to find that it was the very same man who had tried to bribe him!

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New Fun

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