The Black Hood (Wayne Sidmonson)

The Religious Affiliation of
The Black Hood
Wayne Sidmonson

Religion: obsessed with punishment of the guilty and the dispensation of justice; spirit CBR Scale: M (idiosyncratic)CBR Scale: S (ghost / spirit)

Name: The Black Hood

Alter Ego: Wayne Sidmonson

Other Names: Black Hood I

Classification: hero hero  

Publisher(s): DC Impact

First Appearance: Legend of the Shield #3 (Sep. 1991): "Renegade"

Creators: Grant Miehm, Mark Waid

Number of Appearances: 9

Enemy of: The Black Hood

Family/Relatives: Darcy Sidmonson (wife), Len Sidmonson (son), Kris Sidmonson (son)

Occupation: business owner, restaurateur, vigilante

Worked for: McBonnie Burger

Location: Seaside City, Maryland, USA; St. George, Mississippi, USA

Gender: male

Wayne Sidmonson owned one of the very first McBonnie Burger franchises. His restaurant was located in St. George, Mississippi. Wayne had a wife and two children (Lem and Kris).

After his restaurant was robbed on average once per year, Wayne Sidmonson became obsessed with the punishment of the guilty and the dispensation of justice; spirit. He obtained weaponry and donned a black hood to become a vigilante known as The Black Hood. He traveled to Seaside Cit, Maryland, which was the primary headquarters of the mob, into order to take his quest for justice right to the heart of the evildoers he sought to punish.

When Wayne Sidmonson died (while in his guise as the Black Hood), his spirit could not accept the reality of his death, and drifted into a place that was a sort of Limbo, inhabited by the souls of past wearers of the Black Hood.

This character is in the following 3 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Black Hood (vol. 2) #1 (Dec. 1991): "Justice. No Waiting!"
Legend of the Shield #3 (Sep. 1991): "Renegade"
Who's Who in the Impact Universe #2 (Oct. 1991): "The Black Hood" (lead character)

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