The Bureau

Name: The Bureau

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group  

Publisher(s): Connolly Middle School

First Appearance: Beyond Comprehension (Mar. 2014): "The Strongest Team"

Creators: Siam Hunter

Number of Appearances: 1

Teams/Affiliations: The National Army

Type of Organization/Group: government agency, trainer

Worked for: The National Army Training Academy

Note: raised children from birth to become soldiers

In the year 2166, "The Bureau" was a government organization whose workers raised children taken from birth to be trained as soldiers for the National Army.

Although ostensibly a single government agency tasked with executing the fight against zombies, the Bureau was immensely powerful. Some people said that the Bureau was the government.

Excerpt from "The Strongest Team":

Two teenage boys of the same age held long sabers together as they rotated around each other. "I talked to the Head, and he said we'll be sticking it through, ya' know, Brady," the first, with dark skin and hair, chuckled as he whipped his word out.

"Oh, is that so, Ace?" the other with dirty blond hair responded.

"Yeah, I also hear that we'll be teamed with four other people."

"Four? you're nuts. Teams don't go over four."

The two teens snapped and thrust their words at each other in a dual. Ace laughed again. "Well, the Bureau found four other crazy good people to team us with. Trust me, with that many people that are that good, they're bound to team us up."

...Angeal, like countless other people -- including Sam, Gavin, Ander, Ace, and Brady -- had been taken from their parents at birth and taken to either Base A1 or A2 depending on their gender and then raised there by workers from the Bureau. When Angeal was four, she was quickly transferred to Base B2 to be minimally trained in all areas of expertise until she was nine. Then, when Angeal was nine, the people from the Bureau took her to Base C3 to train her as an Assassin Combatant with many others, both male and female. Finally, she was educated in the Higher training until she was fifteen before being brought to Camp E3 to meet he new team for life.

Excerpt from page 135:

Angeal saw the girl [Sam] who had asked the question, and her expression changed when she noticed that the girl had boy-cut short brown hair and black framed glasses. She had a rifle holder strapped to her back and a pistol on her belt. She was wearing the typical Bureau kid's uniform, although it sagged on her tiny body.

Excerpt from page 135:

[Sam said] "I'm a Strategist Combatant, but, you know, I still don't get why and how the Bureau convinced the government to force parents to give up their children to fight a zombie apocalypse war."

"The Bureau is the government, Dummy!" Ander yelled.

The Bureau began training children to become teen soldiers after the zombie apocalypse broke out. The government did extensive research, but was unable to find a cure for the zombie condition spread by zombie spores. So they started Bureau training, and began ending teen soldiers to kill off zombies and eliminate spores.

Number of group members listed below: 3

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Pub. #
The Bureau supporting character group
  The National Army
[raised children from birth to become soldiers]
Connolly Middle School 1
The Head supporting character
  The National Army
[involved in training of Ace and Brady]
Connolly Middle School 1
Sam supporting character
  Base A2; Team Legends (leader)... 
[Strategist Combatant]
Connolly Middle School 1

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Beyond Comprehension (Mar. 2014): "The Strongest Team" (mentioned)