Name: crimelords

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Type of Organization/Group: occupation

Number of group members listed below: 63

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Pub. #
Antonin Antonin villain
CBR Scale: I alien
Black Sun; human Dark Horse 1
Philippe Bazin Philippe Bazin villain
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
[sought to obtain Darkhawk's amulet; led Bazin Crime Family]
Marvel 17
Blacksmith (Amunet Black) villain
  [ex-wife of villain Goldface] DC 10
Modesty Blaise Modesty Blaise lead character comic strip character
  [1st app: Evening Standard (13 May 1963)] Evening Standard Ltd 59
Bogga Bogga villain
CBR Scale: I alien
Hutt Dark Horse 4
Alexander Bont villain
  [NYC crimelord from post-WWII until modern era] Marvel 6
Brick Brick (Daniel Brickwell) villain
  [1st app: Green Arrow (vol. 3) #40 (Sep. 2004)] DC 18
Canis villain
  [led own organization] Marvel 18
Crazy Quilt Crazy Quilt (Paul Dekker) villain
  Underground Society DC 5
Crime-Wave (Mason Hollis) villain
  [1st app: Daredevil (vol. 1) #59 (Dec. 1969)] Marvel 4
Crimewave (Carl Wilkinson) villain
  [wanted to replace Kingpin] Marvel 2
Crooked Man villain
CBR Scale: S aestholatry
[leader of L.A.'s criminal underworld] Marvel 1
Daredevil 2099 (Samuel Fisk) hero
  [Kingpin's grandson; became hero to make up for his fate] Marvel 5
Deadly Ernest (Ernest St. Ives) villain
  [allegedly the father of Nemesis] Marvel 3
Vince Deragon villain
  [hired Foggy Nelson to get in on Dead Man's Hand] Marvel 3
Don Fortunato Don Fortunato (Vincente Fortunato) villain
  HYDRA; Maggia Marvel 23
Evilhawk Evilhawk (Dargin Bokk) villain
CBR Scale: I alien
[intergalactic crimelord] Marvel 11
Father Gow (Gow Yang Ju) villain
  Asian; The Triads
[grandfather of mutant Red Lotus]
Marvel 1
Mortimer Fisk villain
  [descendant of Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)] Marvel 1
Mike Fooch Mike Fooch villain
  [1st app: Police Comics #9 (May 1942)] Quality 1
Mario Geraci villain
  Mafia Marvel 9
The Golem (Dennis Golembuski) villain
CBR Scale: U Jewish
[1st app: The Hood #2 (Aug. 2002)] Marvel 5
Gottlieb villain
  [1st app: The Avengers (vol. 1) #178 (Late Oct. 1992)] Marvel 1
The Hand The Hand (Ramon Solomano) villain scientist
  Five Fingers (leader) DC 5
Anton Hellgate villain scientist
CBR Scale: S resurrected
[thanatologist; created agents from dead bodies] Marvel 14
Nyoirin Henecha Nyoirin Henecha villain
CBR Scale: U Ninjutsu; Buddhist
The Hand; Yakuza
[Kwannon's former master/employer/lover]
Marvel 6
Holocaust Holocaust (Leonard Smalls) villain
  black; Blood Syndicate...  DC Milestone Media 43
The Hood villain
CBR Scale: I manifestly non-religious
Order of the Hood (leader) Marvel Timely 1
Sheikh Abdul Hurani villain
CBR Scale: S Muslim
[hired Water Wizard to defeat hero Arabian Knight] Marvel 2
Jackson villain
  [1st app: The Avengers (vol. 1) #178 (Late Oct. 1992)] Marvel 1
Shaky Kaufman villain
  [lived in District X] Marvel 7
Boss Lao villain
  Asian Marvel 1
Lucky Luciano villain
  [1940s NYC crime lord] Marvel 1
Mad Arab Mad Arab (Abdul Alhazred) villain
CBR Scale: D Muslim; demonolatry; occult (creator of Necronomicon)
[1st app: The Wolverine #11 (Nov. 1921)] Horace L. Lawson 17
Mr. Mecozzi villain
  Mafia Marvel 2
Mind-Master (Ruffio Costa) villain
  Maggia Marvel 1
Mom Mom villain
  System DC Milestone Media 7
Alfredo Morelli Alfredo Morelli villain
  [impersonated Richard Fisk] Marvel 18
Napoleon (Oswald Zinn) villain
[led own crime organization]
Marvel 5
Hugo Natchios supporting character
CBR Scale: I Greek Orthodox
[Elektra's father] Marvel 28
Nemesis (Edward Stanford) villain
  [District Attorney; secretly Phoenix, Arizona crime kingpin] Marvel 1
The Octopus The Octopus (Zitzbath Zark) villain comic strip character
  [1st app: The Spirit #320 (14 July 1946)] Register and Tribune Syndicate 40
The Organizer The Organizer (Abner Jonas) villain
  Reform Party (leader); The Organization (leader)
[weathy; NYC mayoral candidate for Reform Party]
Marvel 2
Pagon villain
CBR Scale: M Skrull religion
Skrull Marvel 3
Solomon Prey Solomon Prey villain
CBR Scale: R African primal-indigenous religion: Black Panther cult
black Marvel 4
Roche Roche villain
  [leader of own crime organization] Marvel 5
The Roman (Carmine Falcone) villain
  [1st app: Batman (vol. 1) #405 (Mar. 1987)] DC 22
Shadow King Shadow King (Amahl Farouk) villain
CBR Scale: U Muslim (lapsed)
[1st app: The Uncanny X-Men (vol. 1) #117 (Jan. 1979)] Marvel 72
Skizzle Shanks Skizzle Shanks villain
  [Plastic Man's old boss; 1st criminal Plas arrested as hero] Quality 3
Slug Slug (Ulyssus X. Lugman) villain
  Hood's Army
[led own criminal organization]
Marvel 46
Milton St. Cloud villain
  The Coalition DC Milestone Media 5
Stone-Face Stone-Face villain
[former leader of Harlem gangs]
Marvel 14
Micah Synn Micah Synn supporting character villain
CBR Scale: D KinGorge tribe (leader); Machiavellian
[1st app: Daredevil (vol. 1) #202 (Jan. 1984)] Marvel 9
Carmine Tango villain
CBR Scale: D astrology
[crimelord of Arcadia] Dark Horse 20
M'sieu Tete villain
  [1st app: Marvel Feature (vol. 1) #4 (July 1972)] Marvel 1
Tyger Tiger Tyger Tiger (Jessan Hoan) supporting character
CBR Scale: S ancestor veneration
Harvard University
[leader of own crime gang; co-owner of Princess Bar]
Marvel 44
Undertaker villain
  [Earth 8162] Marvel UK 3
Mr. Van Kline Mr. Van Kline supporting character
  [1st app: Marvel Knights (vol. 1) #2 (Aug. 2000)] Marvel 2
Don "Shorty" Vansante supporting character villain
  [1st app: Kingpin #2 (Sep. 2003)] Marvel 3
Mario Zampa villain
    Marvel 1
"Filthy" Frankie Zapruder villain
  [lived in District X] Marvel 6
Zobra villain scientist
CBR Scale: M alien
[scientific genius; led interstellar crime syndicate]
DC 2
Zodiak (Norman Harrison) villain
CBR Scale: M demonolatry; astrology
[1st app: Ghost Rider (vol. 3) #10 (Feb. 1991)] Marvel 7