Name: weaponmakers

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Type of Organization/Group: occupation

Number of group members listed below: 14

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Pub. #
Harold Allnut Harold Allnut supporting character
  [mute midget; worked many years for Batman] DC 63
AmerTek AmerTek villain group
  [military industrial firm; previously employed Steel (Irons)] DC 9
Dylan Battles supporting character
  [was "tech guy" for 15 different villains before Manhunter] DC 19
Cyberslik supporting character
  Abominations Marvel 3
Davies supporting character
  [made aggressive weapons package for Nighthawk costume] Marvel 1
Damian Doyle supporting character
  [Black Hood's weapons outfitter, electronics expert] Archie Red Circle 3
Einfahrt Freihalten villain
  [munitions manufacturer] DC 2
Hephaestus supporting character deity
CBR Scale: D Greco-Roman deity
[Weaponmaker of Olympus; Gods of Olympus] Marvel 5
Lubane villain
CBR Scale: S non-religious
[munitions magnate] DC 1
Q Q (Major Boothroyd) supporting character scientist
  MI-6 Jonathan Cape MGM, etc. 40
Kang-Ho Seok supporting character
  [framed for arms deal alongside Tony Stark] Marvel 2
Gabriel Spense villain
  [owns biodome (Black Dome) a killer took refuge in] DC 2
Zahgurim villain
CBR Scale: D demon
[Satan's armorer] Marvel 3
Zakka villain
CBR Scale: R Deviant religion
Deviants Marvel 1