Father Peter Clifton

The Religious Affiliation of
Father Peter Clifton

Religion: Catholic priest CBR Scale: D

Name: Father Peter Clifton

Classification: supporting character supporting character   clergy/religious leader clergy/religious leader  

Publisher(s): Image Maximum Press

First Appearance: Avengelyne (vol. 1) #1 (May 1995)

Creators: Rob Liefeld, Robert Napton, John Stinsman, Jon Sibal, Danny Miki, Robert Heddon

Number of Appearances: 31

Ally: Avengelyne

Gender: male

Father Peter Clifton


From: Jeff Allender, "Avengelyne Series 1 All-Chromium Maximum Press/WildStorm - 1996", 1 January 2001 on the Jeff Allender's House of Checklists! website (; viewed 7 July 2009):

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Avengelyne Series 1 All-Chromium
Maximum Press/WildStorm - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Steve Lillard for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.63 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                 Artist                           Subset

  1   Avengelyne's Weapon                   Allen Im, Jason Martin
  2   Avengelyne's Mission                  Scott Clark
  3   St. Augustine's Church                Randy Green, John Lowe
  4   Avengelyne's Sword                    Ron Lim, John Lowe
  5   Avengelyne in Church                  Humberto Ramos, Karl Story
  6   Avengelyne in Hell                    Cedric Nocon, Marlo Alquiza
  7   Banished                              Ryan Benjamin, Chad Hunt
  8   Heavenly Warrior                      Jeff Rebner, John Tighe
  9   Faith                                 Joe Phillips, Jason Martin
 10   Catching Some Rays                    Terry Shoemaker, Jon Holdredge
 11   A Heavenly Creature                   Tomm Coker, Charles Yoakum
 12   Beach Training                        Dan Veesenmeyer, Rick Ketcham
 13   Oasis                                 Gordon Purcell, Jeff Albrecht
 14   Reflecting Pool                       Mitch Byrd
 15   Demon Slayer                          Adam Hughes
 16   Quick Cool-Off                        Randy Green, Rick Ketcham
 17   Bubbles                               Bobby Rubio, Gary Martin
 18   Nocturnal Mission                     Chris Lichtner, Marlo Alquiza
 19   On Avengelyne (part 1)                                                 Cathy Christian
 20   On Avengelyne (part 2)                                                 Cathy Christian
 21   On Avengelyne (part 3)                                                 Cathy Christian
 22   On Comic Book Modeling                                                 Cathy Christian
 23   On Her Fans                                                            Cathy Christian
 24   On Avengelyne the Angel                                                Cathy Christian
 25   On Hitting Her Stride                                                  Cathy Christian
 26   On Her Involvement                                                     Cathy Christian
 27   On Hard Work                                                           Cathy Christian
 28   Dr. Michael Clifton                   Aron Wiesenfeld                  Avengelyne Mini-Series
 29   Father Peter Clifton                  Allen Im, John Lowe              Avengelyne Mini-Series
 30   Father Malory                         Paul Smith                       Avengelyne Mini-Series
 31   Sister Janice                         Jeromy Cox                       Avengelyne Mini-Series
 32   Mr. Belisle                           Ben Herrera                      Avengelyne Mini-Series
 33   B'Liale                               Casey Jones, Jason Martin        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 34   Helena                                Duncan Rouleau                   Avengelyne Mini-Series
 35   H'Lana                                Jeff Rebner, Terry Austin        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 36   Demon                                 Tim Sale                         Avengelyne Mini-Series
 37   Heaven Sent                           Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 38   Lady, Can You Spare A Soul?           Richard Case                     Avengelyne Mini-Series
 39   Sanctuary?                            Scott Barnett                    Avengelyne Mini-Series
 40   Avengelyne Meets Father Clifton       Stuart Immonen, Jason Martin     Avengelyne Mini-Series
 41   Father Malory Arrives                 Jae Lee                          Avengelyne Mini-Series
 42   Avengelyne's Dream                    Ashley Wood                      Avengelyne Mini-Series
 43   Avengelyne Meets Mr. Belisle          Eric Shanower                    Avengelyne Mini-Series
 44   Lord B'Liale and H'Lana               Juvaun Kirby, Mark Irwin         Avengelyne Mini-Series
 45   Unfair Fight                          Mel Rubi, Rick Bryant            Avengelyne Mini-Series
 46   An Unholy Proposition                 Duncan Rouleau                   Avengelyne Mini-Series
 47   A Suit of Armor                       Mel Rubi, Rick Bryant            Avengelyne Mini-Series
 48   Avenging Angel                        Dan Fraga                        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 49   Hoop Dreams?!                         Marat Michaels                   Avengelyne Mini-Series
 50   Small Talk                            Paris Cullins, Chuck Gibson      Avengelyne Mini-Series
 51   A Trap!                               Robert Teranishi, Jon Holdredge  Avengelyne Mini-Series
 52   Evil Directions                       Todd Navek                       Avengelyne Mini-Series
 53   A Sign?                               Adam Freeman, Chad Hunt          Avengelyne Mini-Series
 54   Avengelyne Arrives!                   Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 55   H'Lana Appears!                       Hoang Nguyen                     Avengelyne Mini-Series
 56   Avengelyne vs. H'Lana                 Mike Deodato, Jr.                Avengelyne Mini-Series
 57   The Wrath of Avengelyne               Richard Friend                   Avengelyne Mini-Series
 58   Grip of Evil                          Lee Edwards, John Lowe           Avengelyne Mini-Series
 59   Demonic Plans Revealed                Ching Lau, Sean Parsons          Avengelyne Mini-Series
 60   Avenging Angel                        Dan Fraga                        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 61   Darkness Rising                       Dan Fraga                        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 62   Recovery                              Dan Norton, Mark Irwin           Avengelyne Mini-Series
 63   Secret Passage                        Bret Blevins                     Avengelyne Mini-Series
 64   B'Liale's Throne Room                 John Stinsman                    Avengelyne Mini-Series
 65   Gabriel                               Juvaun Kirby, Mark Irwin         Avengelyne Mini-Series
 66   Avengelyne vs. Gabriel                Todd Nauck                       Avengelyne Mini-Series
 67   Hanging by a Thread                   Hoang Nguyen                     Avengelyne Mini-Series
 68   Extreme Danger                        Dan Fraga                        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 69   Losing Her Head                       Kevin Lau                        Avengelyne Mini-Series
 70   Avengelyne Humbled                    Roger Cruz, Marlo Aquiza         Avengelyne Mini-Series
 71   Victory of Light                      Ching Lau, Sean Parsons          Avengelyne Mini-Series
 72   Sweet Victory                         John Stinsman                    Avengelyne Mini-Series
 73   On Fan Reaction - Than and Now                                         Cathy Christian
 74   On Traveling & Meeting Fans (part 1)                                   Cathy Christian
 75   On Traveling & Meeting Fans (part 2)                                   Cathy Christian
 76   On Fans Online                                                         Cathy Christian
 77   On Time Off                                                            Cathy Christian
 78   On Her Private Life                                                    Cathy Christian
 79   On Teaching                                                            Cathy Christian
 80   On Career Aspirations                                                  Cathy Christian
 81   On Her Future                                                          Cathy Christian
 82   The Clifton Brothers                  Sergio Cariello                  Group Shots
 83   Father Malory & Peter Clifton         ParisCullins, Chuck Gibson       Group Shots
 84   Avengelyne & Peter Clifton            John Stinsman                    Group Shots
 85   Heaveny Avengelyne & Father Malory    Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal        Group Shots
 86   Avengelyne & B'Liale                  Tom Raney                        Group Shots
 87   Mr. Belisle & Helena                  Kieren Dwyer                     Group Shots
 88   B'Liale & H'Lana                      John Stinsman                    Group Shots
 89   B'Liale & Demons                      Calvin Irving                    Group Shots
 90   Avengelyne & H'Lana                   John Stinsman                    Group Shots
 91   Avengelyne vs. Demons                 Dan Fraga                        Battle Cards
 92   Avengelyne vs. B'Liale                Ryan Odagawa, Mark Irwin         Battle Cards
 93   Avengelyne vs. Black Angel            Kevin Lau                        Battle Cards
 94   Avengelyne vs. H'Lana                 Marat Michaels                   Battle Cards
 95   Clifton vs. H'Lana                    Roger Robinson, John Lowe        Battle Cards
 96   Avengelyne vs. Pandemonium's Army     Jason Johnson, Rober Quijaro     Battle Cards
 97   Clifton vs. B'Liale                   John Fang                        Battle Cards
 98   Avengelyne vs. Gabriel                John Uhrich, Mike Sellers        Battle Cards
 99   Avengelyne vs. Zealot / Checklist     John Stinsman                    Battle Cards


Photo-Embossed Cathy Christian Cards (1:6 packs)

 E1   On Avengelyne's Look
 E2   On "Who Is Avengelyne?" (part 1)
 E3   On "Who Is Avengelyne?" (part 2)
 E4   On Avengelyne's Future (part 1)
 E5   On Avengelyne's Future (part 2)
 E6   On Avengelyne's Future (part 3)
 E7   On herself as a Comic Book Character
 E8   On Future Characters
 E9   On Her Comic Experience

Glow-in-the-Dark Cards (1:8 packs)

 G1   Lunar Reflection                      Jim Sullivan
 G2   Pride of the Warhost                  John Stinsman, Rob Liefeld
 G3   B'Liale's Rage                        Jeff Rebner and John Tighe
 G4   Contemplation of Evil                 John Stinsman
 G5   An Ancient Ritual                     Richard Bennett
 G6   Storming the Gates                    Jim Lee
 G7   Under the Right Sky                   Todd Nauck
 G8   Heavenly Body                         Dan Fraga
 G9   Opposing Forces                       Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal


--    (4" x 6" Chromium, blank back; dealer premium)

©2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Avengelyne (vol. 1) #1 (May 1995)

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