Galactus (Galan)

The Religious Affiliation of

Religion: cosmic entity CBR Scale: M

Name: Galactus

Alter Ego: Galan

Other Names: Ravager of Worlds; Ashta; The Fallen God; Galactiac; He Who Smites Entire Realms; Maker

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #48 (Mar. 1966): "The Coming of Galactus!"

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 537

   Comic Book Appearances: 524

   TV, Film Appearances: 12

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 1

Teams/Affiliations: Heralds of Galactus (leader)

Enemy of: The Fantastic Four

Planet: Taa

Birth Place: Taa

Gender: male

Galactus was originally born on the planet Taa in the universe prior to this one.

This character is in the following 82 stories which have been indexed by this website:
The 3-Minute Sketchbook #1 (Oct. 2007)
4 #30 (July 2006): "Open House" (1-panel cameo)
Captain America Annual #3 (Jan. 1976): "The Thing from the Black Hole Star!" (mentioned)
Dark Reign Files #1 (Apr. 2009)
Dark X-Men #3 (Mar. 2010): "Journey to the Center of the Goblin: Part Three" (mentioned)
The Defenders
Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil #3 (June 2009) (cameo)
Earth X #2 (May 1999): "Chapter Two"
Excalibur (vol. 1) #61 (Jan. 1993): "Truth and Consequence"
Exiles (vol. 1) #10 (Apr. 2002): "A World Apart: Part 3"
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine!
GLA #3 (Aug. 2005): "Mistaken Identity Crisis" (cameo)
Hercules: Twilight of a God #4 (Nov. 2010): "The End"
Hulk (vol. 3) #10 (Apr. 2009): "Love & Death"
The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #600 (Sep. 2009): "A Hulk of Many Colors" (3-panel cameo)
Marvel Comics Presents
Marvel Double-Shot
Marvel Fanfare
Marvel Knights 4
Marvel Knights Spider-Man
Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars
Marvel Team-Up (vol. 1) #137 (Jan. 1984): "Twinkle Twinkle"
Marvel Treasury Edition
Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions #1 (Feb. 2002): "Dawn of the Heralds" (lead character)
Marvel Universe: The End
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (24 Oct. 2006)
Maximum Security #1 (Dec. 2000): "Illegal Aliens" (mentioned)
Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1 (Oct. 2000): "A Very Dangerous Planet" (2-panel cameo)
The New Avengers (vol. 2) #34 (Jan. 2013) (mentioned)
Secret Wars II
The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8 (Nov. 1988): "Chapter Ten: The Son of Earth"
Strange Tales (vol. 5) #2 (Dec. 2009): "Enlist Today" (lead character)
Superman / Fantastic Four (Apr. 1999): "The Infinite Destruction"
Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #137 (Dec. 2009) (photo/picture/video)
The Uncanny X-Men
Universe X Special: 4 (Oct. 2000) (cameo)
Untold Tales of the New Universe (June 2006): "Adventures in the Mulletverse" (cameo)
Untold Tales of the New Universe: Starband #1 (May 2006): "Adventures in the Mulletverse" (cameo)
Young Avengers #10 (Mar. 2006): "Family Matters: Part 2" (mentioned)

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