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Other Names: Kid More-Vicious-Than-Kid-Not-So-Vicious-But-Less-Vicious-Than-Kid-Vicious

Classification: hero hero  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Fight Man #1 (June 1993): "The Big Fight"

Creators: Evan Dorkin, Pam Eklund

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1

Location: Delta City, USA

Gender: male

Note: former partner of Fight-Man, killed in battle

Note that "Kid MVTKNSVBLVTKV" is NOT this character's name, but is an abbreviation of our own devising so that we could more conveniently refer to him. His full name (which was obviously derived purely for comedic purposes) is indeed "Kid More-Vicious-Than-Kid-Not-So-Vicious-But-Less-Vicious-Than-Kid-Vicious." Clearly this is not what any of his partners or colleagues would actually refer to him as during a battle (or most any other circumstance). This character was actually the partner (or sidekick) of Fight Man himself. One can presume that Fight Man probably just referred to him as "Kid."

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Fight Man #1 (June 1993): "The Big Fight"

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