Name: Yakuza

Other Names: gokudo

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Spider-Woman (vol. 1) #46 (Oct. 1982): "Yakuza"

            NOTE: This is our current best assessment of the first appearance of this character, but this has been flagged in our database as uncertain.

Creators: Chris Claremont, Steve Leialoha

Number of Appearances: 33

Type of Organization/Group: crime syndicate, gang

Note: Japanese organized crime group (generic listing)

Number of group members listed below: 20

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Pub. #
Aiko Aiko (Maureen Brenner) villain
  Yakuza DC 1
Boss villain
[created Widdle Wade (Deadpool clone)]
Marvel 1
Catseye villain
  Yakuza DC 5
Dragon's Claw Dragon's Claw villain group
[Yakuza clan; many cybernetically enhanced]
Marvel 2
Hachiman villain
  [older son of Mario] Marvel 4
Nyoirin Henecha Nyoirin Henecha villain
CBR Scale: U Ninjutsu; Buddhist
The Hand; Yakuza
[Kwannon's former master/employer/lover]
Marvel 6
Jackie villain
  Asian; Yakuza
[took part in "Dead Man's Hand"]
Marvel 1
Kamikaze villain
  Asian; The Blood Soldiers DC 1
Kung the Obake villain
  Asian; The Blood Soldiers DC 1
Oyakata supporting character
[sumo wrestler; former assassin for Yakuza]
Marvel 1
Samurai villain
  Asian; The Blood Soldiers DC 1
Seppuku villain
  Asian; The Blood Soldiers DC 1
Shado Shado supporting character
[raised by Yakuza; had affair with Green Arrow]
DC 32
Yashida Shingen villain
CBR Scale: I Shinto
[father of Wolverine's late fiance Mariko Yashida]
Marvel 4
Tatsu'o Tatsu'o villain
  Cybersamurai (founder); Yakuza
[Opal Tanaka's grandfather]
Marvel 6
Tattoo villain
CBR Scale: M Ninjutsu
Asian; Yakuza Marvel New Universe 3
Tiger Tiger (Masi Tanaka) villain hero
  All-Star Squadron; Asian... 
[Judomaster's sidekick]
Charlton 4
Matsu'o Tsurayaba Matsu'o Tsurayaba villain clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: M Ninjutsu; Death Touch Cult (leader)
Asian; The Hand... 
[wrested control of Yakuza]
Marvel 35
unnamed weird scientist villain scientist
[created Widdle Wade (Deadpool clone) for Boss]
Marvel 1
Yakuza Yakuza villain group
  [Japanese organized crime group (generic listing)] Marvel 33

This character is in the following 9 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Batman and the Outsiders (vol. 1) #23 (July 1985): "The Truth About Halo, Part 4: The Search for Halo"
Essential Spider-Woman #2 (25 June 2007): "Yakuza"
Marvel Comics Presents (vol. 1) #4 (Early Oct. 1988): "Crossing Lines, Part 4: Water" (mentioned)
Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #50 (Jan. 2003): "And here, my troubles begin..."
Spider-Woman (vol. 1) #46 (Oct. 1982): "Yakuza"

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