Gola Zae

The Religious Affiliation of
Gola Zae

Religion: alien CBR Scale: I

Name: Gola Zae

Classification: villain villain   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Shade, the Changing Man (vol. 1) #4 (Dec. 1978 - Jan. 1979): "To Rescue My Destroyer"

Creators: Steve Ditko, Michael Fleisher

Number of Appearances: 3

Teams/Affiliations: The Crime Council

Enemy of: Shade the Changing Man

Ally: Captain Majan

Occupation: scientist

Planet: Meta

Race: Metan

Gender: female

Note: on parole for stealing equipment

Gola Rae is a Metan scientist who was on parole for her past crime of stealing equipment.

She is Captain Majan's former lover. Mellu Loron and Rac Shade sought her out in order to get her assistance to send them to the area of madness.

This character is in the following 2 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Shade, the Changing Man

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