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traditional values: excerpts from comics
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traditional values

BELOW: This excerpt from a "status report" prepared by Chitauri alien invaders is from the opening chapter to The Ultimates: Against All Enemies. The Chitauri status report names the "National Socialist" movement by name. (This is the official name of the Nazi party.) The Chitauri admire the Nazi understanding that the "imposition of order requires domination and control of cultural production." The report specifically mentions using Hollywood to promote "traditional values." The Chitauri understand that Hollywood-based film and television are among the most powerful tools in the world for influencing human behavior.

We are no longer focused on human political centers in +New York+ and +Washington+; the events leading up to the +Arizona+ setback made clear that our surveillance must be diversified, encompassing human technological research and cultural production a well as the standard intelligence targets of military and political activity. The +National Socialist+ host understood that the imposition of order requires domination and control of cultural production as well as military strength; we are redoubling our efforts on this front. Much of this effort consists of suborning existing structures, such as film production, to increase the dissemination of material that prepares the human mind for the idea of order. Consolidation of cultural production in fewer and fewer hands has made this endeavor much easier. To take one example, +Hollywood+ filmmaking has absorbed the idea of order -- translated, in human terms, as "traditional values"--far more easily than we might have expected given the chaotic and inconsistent history of that industry. The +American+ political discourse, by and large, has followed this trend as well.

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 3-4. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: religion identified by name; propaganda; traditional values; Hollywood; order; Nazi; Nazis; Chitauri