Justice League of America (vol. 1) #75 (Nov. 1969):
“In Each Man There Is a Demon”
by Denny O'Neil, Dick Dillin, Joe Giella

Justice League of America (vol. 1) #75

Title: “In Each Man There Is a Demon”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Nov. 1969

Publisher: DC
Written by: Denny O'Neil
Art by: Dick Dillin, Joe Giella

13 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Superman Superman (Clark Kent) hero
CBR Scale: S Methodist / Kryptonian religion
Kryptonians; Super Friends...  DC 13,409
Batman Batman (Bruce Wayne) hero
CBR Scale: ICBR Scale: S Episcopalian / Catholic (lapsed); atheist
Batman family; Quinntets...  DC 11,112
Green Lantern Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) hero
CBR Scale: U Jewish Catholic / Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps; Super Friends...  DC 2,529
Green Arrow Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) hero
CBR Scale: M agnostic; Liberal Marxist
Green Arrows of the World; Justice League Elite...  DC 2,507
The Atom The Atom (Ray Palmer) hero scientist
CBR Scale: U Jewish (lapsed)
Super Friends; The Justice League DC 1,086
Black Canary Black Canary (Dinah Lance) hero
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
Birds of Prey; The Justice League...  DC 1,406
Hawkman Hawkman (Carter Hall / Katar Hol) hero
CBR Scale: M Egyptian classical religion; Thanagarian religion
All-Star Squadron; Super Friends...  DC 1,270
Black Canary Black Canary (Dinah Drake Lance)
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
The Justice Society of America
["Earth-2 Black Canary"; mother of modern Black Canary]
DC 80
Green Lantern Green Lantern (Alan Scott) hero
CBR Scale: S Christian (denomination
All-Star Squadron; Checkmate... 
[Position in Checkmate: White King]
DC 768
Larry Lance Larry Lance supporting character
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
[husband of 1st Black Canary, father of Black Canary II] DC 19
Aquarius villain
CBR Scale: D sentient star
[] DC 2
Dr. Oyal supporting character
  [psychiatrist; therapist of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)] DC 1
John DeLeon supporting character
  [] DC 2


Originally it was meant to be that the Black Canary that was featured in this issue of Justice League was the golden age character and not her daughter. However this was retconned when the writers considered the characters physical age if she were still active at the time. As such in Justice League of America #219 it was ret-conned that the Black Canary that ended up on Earth-One was really the second Black Canary, implanted with her mother's memories until the truth was revealed later. This has since been rendered apocryphal due to the fact that changes to continuity created by Crisis on Infinite Earths have made it so that Black Canary II was a founding member of the Justice League of America instead of Wonder Woman.