Night Visions (1986):
“The Hellbound Heart”
by Clive Barker

Night Visions

Title: “The Hellbound Heart”

Medium: novel

Publication date: Nov. 1986

Publisher: HarperCollins
Written by: Clive Barker

3 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Pinhead Pinhead (Elliott Spencer) villain
CBR Scale: M demon
[harvests human souls; leader of Cenobites]
New World Pictures 65
Frank Cotton Frank Cotton villain
CBR Scale: M Hedonist; Nihilist
[criminal] HarperCollins; Cinemarque Entertainment BV 7
The Cenobites The Cenobites villain group
CBR Scale: D The Order of the Gash
[have been identified as both demons and angels] HarperCollins 91

The Hellbound Heart is a novella which was first published in volume three of the Night Visions anthology. After becoming the basis for Clive Barker's successful feature film, The Hellbound Heart was re-released as a standalone book.