Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #79 (July 2003):
“Play the Odds”
by John Arcudi, Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #79

Title: “Play the Odds”

Medium: comic

Cover date: July 2003

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: John Arcudi
Art by: Francisco Ruiz Velasco

10 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
The Battler The Battler (Daniel Axum)
(lead character)
  Spider-Man Revenge League Marvel 8
Armadillo Armadillo (Antonio Rodriguez) hero
CBR Scale: I Catholic
Hispanic; Hood's Army...  Marvel 52
Mrs. Axum supporting character
  [The Battler's mother] Marvel 6
Benny Axum Benny Axum supporting character
  [The Battler's son] Marvel 4
Rey Trueno Rey Trueno villain
  [boxing promoter; business owner] Marvel 6
Coach Cady supporting character
  [trained fighters for Rey Trueno] Marvel 4
Lydia Lydia supporting character
  [former girlfriend of Daniel Axum (Battler)] Marvel 6
Mr. Eales supporting character
  [Daniel Axum's parole officer; bought off by Rey Trueno] Marvel 2
Morris Lachs supporting character
  [interviewed fight promoter Rey Trueno] Marvel 1
Slag Slag (Slag Slagley) supporting character
[former Ultimate Brawling world champion]
Marvel 5