Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #38 (May 2000):
“Targeted for Death!”
by Fabian Nicieza, Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna

Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #38

Title: “Targeted for Death!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: May 2000

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Fabian Nicieza
Art by: Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna

21 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Hawkeye Hawkeye (Clint Barton) hero
CBR Scale: U Christian (denomination
Chain Gang; The Avengers...  Marvel 1,515
Moonstone Moonstone (Karla Sofen) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Buddhist
Dark Avengers; Femizons...  Marvel 235
Citizen V Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo) villain hero
  Redeemers; The Masters of Evil...  Marvel 142
Atlas Atlas (Erik Josten) villain hero
  Emissaries of Evil (Egghead); Initiative...  Marvel 197
MACH-IV MACH-IV (Abner Jenkins) villain hero
  black; Initiative...  Marvel 152
Songbird Songbird (Melissa Joan Gold) villain hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish
Femizons; Grapplers...  Marvel 229
Techno Techno (Norbert Ebersol) villain hero
  HYDRA; Initiative...  Marvel 136
Charcoal Charcoal (Charlie Burlingame) villain hero
  black; Brute Force... 
[belonged to Imperial Force, agents of Secret Empire]
Marvel 41
Dallas Riordan Citizen V (Dallas Riordan) supporting character hero
  Commission on Superhuman Activities; The Thunderbolts...  Marvel 66
Nomad Scourge (Jack Monroe) hero
  Secret Defenders
[sidekick of 1950s Captain America]
Marvel 131
The Mighty Destroyer The Mighty Destroyer (Roger Aubrey) hero
  Penance Council; The All-Winners Squad...  Marvel 44
Isadora Martinez Isadora Martinez hero
  V-Battalion Marvel 7
Nuklo Nuklo (Robert Frank Jr.) hero
[son of Whizzer and Miss America]
Marvel 15
The Silver Scorpion The Silver Scorpion (Betty Barstow) hero
  The Invaders; V-Battalion Marvel 6
Goldfire Goldfire (Ameiko Sabuki) hero
  Penance Council; V-Battalion Marvel 7
Iron Cross Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler) hero
  Penance Council (founder); V-Battalion Marvel 18
Vradec Vradec supporting character
  V-Battalion Marvel 2
Eamonn Piers Eamonn Piers supporting character
  black; V-Battalion
[field agent; assisted Citizen V]
Marvel 4
Bill Kingman villain
  [computer store owner; hired Abe Jenkins (Mach-2)] Marvel 4
Ogre Ogre (Brian Dunlap)
(someone disguised or dressed as)
supporting character villain scientist
  Factor Three; The Thunderbolts Marvel 15
Bucky II Bucky II (Fred Davis)
(someone disguised or dressed as)
  Penance Council; The All-Winners Squad...  Marvel 29