Firestorm, The Nuclear Man (vol. 2) #62 (Aug. 1987):
“To Regain Tomorrow”
by John Ostrander, Joe Brozowski, Dick Giordano

Firestorm, The Nuclear Man (vol. 2) #62

Title: “To Regain Tomorrow”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Aug. 1987

Publisher: DC
Written by: John Ostrander
Art by: Joe Brozowski, Dick Giordano

5 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Firestorm Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)
(lead character)
  Extreme Justice; Power Company...  DC 573
Firestorm Firestorm (Martin Stein)
(lead character)
CBR Scale: I Jewish
Super Friends; The Justice League DC 305
KGB KGB supporting character villain group real/historical person
CBR Scale: M Communist
[government agency; intelligence agency] Egmont 50
Major Zastrow Major Zastrow villain hero
  KGB; Red Shadows DC 26
Pozhar (Mikhail Denisovitch Arkadin) hero
  Red Shadows; Rocket Red Brigade DC 18

This publication is also known as: The Fury of Firestorm #62; The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #62 or Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (vol. 2) #62. Although this issue features the cover title which simply reads "Firestorm", the words "The Fury of" were not officially dropped from the internal indicia until issue #65.