Avengers (vol. 1) #358 (Jan. 1993):
“Arkon’s Asylum”
by Bob Harras, Steve Epting, Tom Palmer

Avengers (vol. 1) #358

Title: “Arkon’s Asylum”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Jan. 1993

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Bob Harras
Art by: Steve Epting, Tom Palmer

15 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Black Widow Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) hero
CBR Scale: I Russian Orthodox Communist (lapsed)
Lady Liberators; Marvel Knights...  Marvel 1,789
Black Knight Black Knight (Dane Whitman) hero
CBR Scale: S Christian (medieval)
Excalibur; Heroes for Hire...  Marvel 430
Vision Vision hero
CBR Scale: MCBR Scale: I synthezoid; Catholic (temporary)
A-Next; Galactic Guardians...  Marvel 1,393
Hercules Hercules hero deity
CBR Scale: D Greco-Roman classical religion
Heroes for Hire; Olympian...  DC Marvel 1,029
Crystal Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff) hero
CBR Scale: S Inhuman religion
Inhuman Royal Family; Inhumans...  Marvel 531
Swordsman Swordsman (Philip Jarvert) hero
  The Avengers Marvel 29
Magdalene Magdalene (Marissa Darrow) hero
  The Avengers Marvel 31
Sersi Sersi hero
CBR Scale: R Eternals religion; Hedonist
Eternals; The Avengers Marvel 229
Thundra Thundra villain hero
CBR Scale: D female supremacist
Code Red; Grapplers... 
[Empress of Femizonia; member of alt. universe Avengers]
Marvel 88
Anskar villain clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: D Polemachus religion (priest)
[1st app: Avengers (vol. 1) #358 (Jan. 1993)] Marvel 2
Astra supporting character
CBR Scale: D Polemachus religion
[1st app: Avengers (vol. 1) #358 (Jan. 1993)] Marvel 2
Arkon villain
CBR Scale: I alien
[Imperion of Polemachus] Marvel 80
Proctor Proctor (Dane Whitman) villain
CBR Scale: M vengeance
Gatherers (leader)
[seeker of vengeance]
Marvel 8
Karia supporting character
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[Arkon's lizard-steed; left at Avenger's mansion]
Marvel 2
Marilla Marilla supporting character
CBR Scale: R Inhuman religion
[nanny for Luna (daughter of Crystal, Quicksilver)]
Marvel 27