Avengers Next #1 (Jan. 2007):
“Does the World Still Need the Avengers?”
by Tom DeFalco, Ron Lim, Scott Koblish

Avengers Next #1

Title: “Does the World Still Need the Avengers?”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Jan. 2007

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Tom DeFalco, Ron Lim
Art by: Ron Lim, Scott Koblish

8 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Spider-Girl Spider-Girl (May Parker) hero
  A-Next; Fantastic Five...  Marvel 201
Thunderstrike Kevin Masterson hero
  A-Next Marvel MC2 78
J2 J2 (Zane Yama) hero
  A-Next; The X-People Marvel MC2 45
American Dream American Dream (Shannon Carter) hero
CBR Scale: M idolizes Captain America
A-Next; Dream Team Marvel MC2 54
Bluestreak Bluestreak (Blue Kelso) hero
  A-Next; Dream Team...  Marvel MC2 44
Sabreclaw Sabreclaw (Hudson Logan) hero
  A-Next; Revengers... 
[son of Wolverine]
Marvel 21
Warp Warp hero
  A-Next Marvel MC2 11
Sylene Sylene villain
CBR Scale: M Norse/Teutonic paganism (Asgardian); sorceress
[Loki's daughter] Marvel 4