Blue Beetle (vol. 3) #1 (June 1964):
“The Giant Mummy Who Was Not Dead”
by Joe Gill, Bill Fraccio, Tony Tallarico

Blue Beetle (vol. 3) #1

Title: “The Giant Mummy Who Was Not Dead”

Medium: comic

Cover date: June 1964

Publisher: Charlton
Written by: Joe Gill
Art by: Bill Fraccio, Tony Tallarico

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Blue Beetle Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett)
(lead character)
  [1st app: Mystery Men Comics #1 (Aug. 1939)] Fox Feature Syndicate 98

This is the second Blue Beetle series published by Charlton, but it is the third Blue Beetle comic book series over all, so we designate this as Blue Beetle volume 3.

The first series was published by Fox Feature Syndicate and then by Holyoke, and then again by Fox Feature Syndicate, all with continuous numbering (issue #s 1 through 60). The second series, published by Charlton, ran only 4 issues. Much of the material in this series consisted of stories previously published in the original Blue Beetle series.

The first, second and now this third series all feature the same character: Dan Garrett, the Blue Beetle.