Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)
by Jeph Loeb, Stan Berkowitz, Sam Liu

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Medium: film

Publication date: 29 Sep. 2009

Publisher: DC

Written by: Jeph Loeb, Stan Berkowitz

Directed by: Sam Liu

56 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Superman Superman (Clark Kent)
(lead character)
CBR Scale: S Methodist / Kryptonian
Super Friends; The Justice League DC 13,409
Batman Batman (Bruce Wayne)
(lead character)
CBR Scale: ICBR Scale: S Episcopalian / Catholic
(lapsed); atheist
The Mystery Analysts of Gotham City; Quinntets...  DC 11,112
Lex Luthor Lex Luthor
(lead character)
villain scientist
CBR Scale: S Episcopalian (lapsed);
Nietzschean atheist
Secret Society of Super Villains; Injustice League... 
[Foe of: Superman (arch-enemy)]
DC 1,508
Black Lightning Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce) hero
CBR Scale: S Northern Baptist (ABC/USA)
The Outsiders; The Network...  DC 353
Katana Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) hero
CBR Scale: S Bushido / Buddhist
The Outsiders; Asian...  DC 223
Hawkman Hawkman (Carter Hall / Katar Hol) hero
CBR Scale: M Egyptian classical religion;
Thanagarian religion
The Justice League; Super Friends...  DC 1,270
Power Girl Power Girl (Kara Zor-L) hero
CBR Scale: I Kryptonian religion
Birds of Prey; Infinity, Inc....  DC 576
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) hero
CBR Scale: S Greco-Roman classical religion
/ Protestant
Marvel Family; The Justice League...  Fawcett DC 756
Starfire Starfire (Koriand'r) hero
CBR Scale: S Tamaranian religion (X'Hal)
The Outsiders; The Teen Titans DC 841
Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries) villain
CBR Scale: I Catholic (lapsed)
Injustice League; Cold Warriors...  DC 175
Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy (Cyrus Gold) villain
CBR Scale: I atheist
Infinity, Inc. (founder); The Injustice Society...  DC 102
Gorilla Grodd Gorilla Grodd villain
  The Injustice Gang; Secret Society of Super Villains...  DC 199
Killer Frost Killer Frost (Dr. Louise Lincoln) villain
  Secret Society of Super Villains; The Suicide Squad...  DC 110
Captain Atom Captain Atom (Nathaniel Christopher Adam) hero
CBR Scale: U Catholic
L.A.W.; U.S. Air Force... 
[major in U.S. Air Force]
DC 259
S.T.A.R. Labs S.T.A.R. Labs supporting character scientist
  [science lab] DC 98
Captain Cold Captain Cold (Leonard Snart) villain
  Flash's Rogues Gallery; The Suicide Squad...  DC 188
Amanda Waller Amanda Waller supporting character hero
CBR Scale: U Methodist
Checkmate; Shadow Fighters...  DC 211
Metallo Metallo (John Corben) villain
CBR Scale: I manifestly non-religious
Injustice League; Underground Society...  DC 125
Lady Shiva Lady Shiva (Sandra Woosan) hero
  The League of Assassins; Birds of Prey...  DC 96
Major Force Major Force (Clifford Zmeck) hero
  S.H.A.D.E.; Freedom's Ring...  DC 46
Nightshade Nightshade (Eve Eden) hero
CBR Scale: S Catholic
InterC.E.P.T.; The Suicide Squad...  Charlton DC 156
Icicle Icicle (Cameron Mahkent) villain
CBR Scale: I manifestly non-religious
The Injustice Society; Injustice Unlimited...  DC 43
Mongul II Mongul II villain
CBR Scale: I alien
[1st app: Showcase '95 #8 (Sep. 1995)] DC 28
Silver Banshee Silver Banshee (Siobhan McDougal) villain
CBR Scale: M Celtic pagan
[underwent ritual her clan used for men] DC 38
Toyman Toyman (Hiro Okamura) supporting character
  [1st app: Superman (vol. 2) #177 (Feb. 2002)] DC 9
unnamed general unnamed general supporting character
 indeterminate  U.S. Army
[high-ranking general serving under Pres. Lex Luthor]
DC Warner Brothers 1
Lois Lane Lois Lane
supporting character
CBR Scale: I Catholic
Raleigh College
[Superman's girlfriend, then wife]
DC 3,859
Alfred Pennyworth Alfred Pennyworth
supporting character
CBR Scale: I Anglican
[butler] DC 3,048
  The Suicide Squad; The Legion of Doom...  DC 148
Deadshot Deadshot (Floyd Lawton)
villain hero
  Secret Six; Checkmate... 
[was a freelance operative for Checkmate]
DC 213
Parasite Parasite (Rudy Jones)
  [] DC 126
Eclipso Eclipso (Bruce Gordon)
supporting character villain scientist
CBR Scale: M Angel of Vengeance
Shadow Fighters
[incarnation of the Wrath of God]
DC 67
Captain Boomerang Captain Boomerang (Owen Mercer)
villain hero
  The Outsiders; Secret Society of Super Villains...  DC 79
CBR Scale: S demonolatry (temporary)
Secret Society of Super Villains; The Suicide Squad
[sold his soul to demon Neron]
DC 52
Catman Catman (Tom Blake)
villain hero
  Secret Six; Misfits DC 50
Despero Despero
CBR Scale: M hatred of the Justice League;
alien (Kalanor) with mystic
Time Stealers; Secret Society of Super Villains...  DC 108
Cheetah Cheetah (Dr. Barbara Minerva)
  Secret Society of Super Villains; The Legion of Doom DC 150
Black Manta Black Manta
  The Legion of Doom; O.G.R.E....  DC 95
Giganta Giganta (Dr. Doris Zuel)
  Secret Society of Super Villains; Injustice League...  DC 83
Black Spider Black Spider (Eric Needham)
CBR Scale: M vengeance; resurrected
[as drug addict, accidentally killed his own father] DC 23
CBR Scale: M religious
[artificial creation Darkseid sent to Earth as distraction] DC 14
Girder Girder (Tony Woodward)
  [steelworker; criminal] DC 19
King Shark King Shark (Nanaue)
villain deity
CBR Scale: M Polynesian shark demigod
Secret Society of Super Villains; Secret Six
[child of a shark god and a Hawaiian woman]
DC 27
Jon Stewart Jon Stewart
supporting character real/historical person
CBR Scale: I Jewish
[host of popular "Daily Show" news satire program] Comedy Central DC, etc. 2,227
Larry King Larry King
supporting character real/historical person
CBR Scale: I Jewish agnostic
[long-time CNN TV news interviewer] CNN DC, etc. 855
CBR Scale: D agent of Chaos
The Injustice Society; Lords of Chaos
[Foe of: Hawk and Dove (arch-enemy). created by spell of M'Shulla and Gorrum (Lords of Chaos)]
DC 35
Riot Riot (Frederick von Frankenstein)
villain scientist
  [scientist] DC 17
unidentified villain unidentified villain
  [attacks with short spears; tried to collect Superman bounty] DC Warner Brothers 1
God God
deity real/historical person
CBR Scale: D God
[1st app: Old Testament (1402 B.C.)] various 313
The Joker The Joker
CBR Scale: M anarchist; obsessed with being
Batman's arch-enemy
The Joker League of Anarchy (leader); Injustice League...  DC 1,679
Flash Flash (Wally West)
CBR Scale: I Protestant; Speed Force
The Teen Titans; Justice League Elite...  DC 915
Richard Nixon Richard Nixon
hero real/historical person
CBR Scale: I Quaker
X Presidents (ally) NBC Random House 504
King Solomon King Solomon
supporting character clergy/religious leader real/historical person
CBR Scale: M Jewish prophet
[son of David] Marvel DC 17
Magpie Magpie (Margaret Pye)
  [thief] DC 13
Lyndon B. Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson
supporting character real/historical person
CBR Scale: S Disciples of Christ
[U.S. President] DC 211
William F. Buckley, Jr. William F. Buckley, Jr.
real/historical person
CBR Scale: M Catholic
[intellectual Conservative leader] DC 51

This film is an adaptation of: Superman/Batman #1 (Oct. 2003): "World's Finest".

The animated film Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is based on the same-titled graphic novel written by Jeph Loeb, pencilled by Ed McGuinness and inked by Dexter Vines. The "graphic novel" is actually the trade paperback collection of issues 1 through 6 of the Superman/Batman monthly comic book series. The story arc was originally called "The World's Finest." The cover dates of the original comics were October 2003 through March 2004. The film adaptation is not simply an explicitly direct "filmed version" of the comics, but it stays fairly close to the source material.