Daily Bugle (vol. 1) #1 (Dec. 1996):
“Front Page”
by Paul Grist, Karl Kerschl, Greg Adams

Daily Bugle (vol. 1) #1

Title: “Front Page”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Dec. 1996

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Paul Grist
Art by: Karl Kerschl, Greg Adams

12 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Ben Urich Ben Urich supporting character
CBR Scale: S Jewish
[reporter] Marvel 19
Betty Brant Betty Brant supporting character
CBR Scale: I Students of Love (temporary)
[former girlfriend of Peter Parker (Spider-Man)] Marvel 612
Henry Adams supporting character
  [U.S. Representative] Marvel 1
Tony Cappo villain
  [runs a fencing operation] Marvel 1
Suzie Dawn supporting character
  ["adult" film star; had an affair with a Congressman] Marvel 1
Jimmy Fude supporting character
CBR Scale: S religious/ethical
[killed by mobsters when met with Betty Brant] Marvel 1
Tommy Fude supporting character
CBR Scale: S manifestly non-religious
[business owner] Marvel 3
Morgan Hall supporting character
  [mob boss] Marvel 3
The Suit (Steve Jacobs) villain
  [mob boss] Marvel 1
Lou Keller villain
  [business owner] Marvel 1
Lester Maddocks villain
  [arrived late at meeting of crime cartel leaders] Marvel 1
The Hat (Harvey Owen) villain
  [runs "protection" service; at Morgan Hall meeting] Marvel 1