New Thunderbolts #12 (Nov. 2005):
“Purple Reign, Part Three: Living Lies”
by Fabian Nicieza, Tom Grummett, Gary Erskine

New Thunderbolts #12

Title: “Purple Reign, Part Three: Living Lies”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Nov. 2005

Publisher: Marvel

Written by: Fabian Nicieza

Art by: Tom Grummett, Gary Erskine

30 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Captain America Captain America (Steve Rogers) hero
CBR Scale: I Protestant
The Ultimates; Secret Defenders...  Marvel Timely 5,992
The Thing The Thing (Ben Grimm) hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish
Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation; Fantastic Five...  Marvel 5,017
Human Torch Human Torch (Johnny Storm) hero
CBR Scale: I Episcopalian
Metro College; The Fantastic Four...  Marvel 4,393
Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) hero scientist
CBR Scale: SCBR Scale: I humanist; portrayed
alternatively as explicitly
believing in God and as
The Fantastic Four; Fantastic Five...  Marvel 4,661
Invisible Woman Invisible Woman (Susan Storm Richards) hero
CBR Scale: S Episcopalian
Lady Liberators; The Fantastic Four...  Marvel 4,069
Atlas Atlas (Erik Josten) villain hero
  Initiative; The Masters of Evil...  Marvel 197
MACH-IV Abner Jenkins villain hero
  black; The Masters of Evil...  Marvel 152
Songbird Songbird (Melissa Joan Gold) villain hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish
Femizons; Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation...  Marvel 229
Blizzard Blizzard (Donny Gill) villain hero
  The Masters of Evil; The Thunderbolts...  Marvel 99
Photon Photon (Genis-Vell) hero
CBR Scale: I Titanian Eternals religion
Kree; The Thunderbolts Marvel 158
Joystick Joystick (Janice Olivia Yanizeski) villain hero
  The Thunderbolts; The Masters of Evil Marvel 45
Speed Demon Speed Demon (James Saunders) villain
  Squadron Sinister; The Thunderbolts...  Marvel 86
Radioactive Man Radioactive Man (Dr. Chen Lu) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Communist Buddhist
The Masters of Evil; Asian...  Marvel 187
Namorita Namorita (Nita Prentiss) hero
CBR Scale: S Atlantean Greco-Roman
classical religion
The Defenders; Secret Defenders...  Marvel 305
Justice Justice (Vance Astrovik) hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish (half)
Initiative: Camp Hammond (staff); The New Warriors...  Marvel 291
Jewel Jessica Jones hero
  New Avengers (ally) Marvel 139
Purple Man Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave) villain
  Hood's Army
[led own criminal gang; Purple Girl's father]
Marvel 18
Overmind (Grom) villain hero
  The Defenders; Thunderbolts Army Marvel 41
Scalpel supporting character
 prob. indeterminate  [physician with blades on fingers; treated Mach-4] Marvel 3
Doctor Spectrum (Martha Gomes) villain
  [1st app: New Thunderbolts #12 (Nov. 2005)] Marvel 3
Iron Man Iron Man (Tony Stark)
CBR Scale: I futurist; technophile; mostly
secular; sometimes prays;
Alcoholics Anonymous
Weapon X (Exiles); Illuminati...  Marvel 5,673
Moonstone Moonstone (Karla Sofen)
villain hero
CBR Scale: U Buddhist
Femizons; The Thunderbolts...  Marvel 235
Spider-Woman Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
CBR Scale: I Wundagorian Transhumanism
(raised); HYDRA (former)
Secret Defenders; Heroes for Hire...  Marvel 353
Citizen V Helmut Zemo
villain hero
  The Thunderbolts; The Masters of Evil...  Marvel 142
Swordsman Swordsman (Andreas von Strucker)
villain hero
CBR Scale: S Nazi / white supremacist
The Thunderbolts; The Upstarts...  Marvel 128
Firestar Firestar (Angelica Jones)
CBR Scale: I Catholic
The Avengers; Hellions...  NBC Marvel 338
Nova Nova (Richard Rider)
  The Champions of Xandar; The New Warriors... 
[attended Harry S. Truman High]
Marvel 427
Wiccan Wiccan (Billy Kaplan)
CBR Scale: I Reform Judaism
Young Avengers Marvel 106
Vulture Vulture (Adrian Toomes)
  Sinister Twelve; Sinister Six Marvel 342
Wizard Wizard (Bentley Wittman)
  Wizard's Warriors (leader); Hood's Army...  Marvel 202