Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #116 (Oct. 2007):
“Caged Angels”
by Warren Ellis, Mike Deodato Jr.

Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #116

Title: “Caged Angels”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Oct. 2007

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Mike Deodato Jr.

12 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Norman Osborn Norman Osborn villain
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
Cabal of Scrier (leader); Dark Avengers (leader)...  Marvel 417
Moonstone Moonstone (Karla Sofen) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Buddhist
Dark Avengers; Femizons...  Marvel 235
The Scorpion Venom (Mac Gargan) villain hero
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
Dark Avengers; Initiative...  Marvel 315
Songbird Songbird (Melissa Joan Gold) villain hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish
Femizons; Grapplers...  Marvel 229
Radioactive Man Radioactive Man (Dr. Chen Lu) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Communist Buddhist
Asian; People's Defense Force...  Marvel 187
Swordsman Swordsman (Andreas von Strucker) villain hero
CBR Scale: S Nazi / white supremacist
Initiative; The Assembly of Evil...  Marvel 128
Speedball Penance (Robbie Baldwin) hero
CBR Scale: I Presbyterian
League of Losers; The New Warriors...  Marvel 359
Caprice Caprice (Kendra Louise Price) hero
  Scourges of the Underworld Marvel 10
Hellrazor villain
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
[criminal] Marvel 2
Mindwave Mindwave villain
  [1st app: Thunderbolts #116 (Oct. 2007)] Marvel 5
Giant-Man Yellowjacket (Hank Pym)
hero scientist
CBR Scale: U atheist
Commission on Superhuman Activities; Secret Defenders...  Marvel 1,543
American Eagle American Eagle (Jason Strongbow)
CBR Scale: S Navajo traditional religion
(tribal leader)
Native American Marvel 27