Hardware #41 (July 1996):
“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buttertouch”
by Matt Wayne, Prentis Rollins, Caesar Antomattei, Ravil Lopez

Hardware #41

Title: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buttertouch”

Medium: comic

Cover date: July 1996

Publisher: DC Milestone Media
Written by: Matt Wayne
Art by: Prentis Rollins, Caesar Antomattei, Ravil Lopez

4 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Hardware Hardware (Curtis Metcalf)
(lead character)
  black; The Shadow Cabinet DC Milestone Media 97
Denise Metcalf Denise Metcalf supporting character
[Hardware's mother; community activist]
DC Milestone Media 4
Mitchell Metcalf Mitchell Metcalf supporting character
[Hardware's father]
DC Milestone Media 3
Top Dog Top Dog (Andre LeBeauvier) villain
  [has powerful hypnosis power] DC Milestone Media 2

Summary (from

Hardware breaks free of Top Dog's control before he kills his father Detective Metcalf. Hardware and Detective Metcalf escape Top Dog and then find proof that he has been committing murders all over town. We are introduced to Congresswoman Metcalf, (Curtis's mom). She is the head of a technology wing in congress. Top Dog tries to double-cross Detective Metcalf and Hardware. They end up catching the Top Dog red-pawed!