Hardware #42 (Aug. 1996):
“A Dead Man Tells His Tale”
by John Rozum, Prentis Rollins, Hector Collazo, Ken Branch, etc.

Hardware #42

Title: “A Dead Man Tells His Tale”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Aug. 1996

Publisher: DC Milestone Media
Written by: John Rozum
Art by: Prentis Rollins, Hector Collazo, Ken Branch, Phyllis Novin

7 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Hardware Hardware (Curtis Metcalf)
(lead character)
  black; The Shadow Cabinet DC Milestone Media 97
Alva Technologies Alva Technologies villain group
  [corrupt company run by Hardware arch-foe Edwin Alva] DC Milestone Media 25
Barraki Young Barraki Young supporting character
[taught African-American Studies; Hardware's girlfriend]
DC Milestone Media 29
Cadaver (Arnold Porter) villain scientist
  [brillian chemical engineer] DC Milestone Media 1
Karen Fanroy Karen Fanroy supporting character
  [1st app: Hardware #42 (Aug. 1996)] DC Milestone Media 1
Ann Kim Ann Kim
supporting character
[hospitalized due to attack by Autopsy, Post Mortem]
DC Milestone Media 4
Hard Co. Hard Co. supporting character group
  [company of geniuses intent on bettering the human condition] DC Milestone Media 9

Summary (from

Barraki Young waits at Hard Co. for Curtis Metcalf to come back from a meeting. An indepth look is given to the relationship of Curtis and Barraki. Barraki is becoming frustrated with Curtis as mysterious person walks in wanting to confront Curtis. He turns out to be Cadaver, a former rival of Curtis at Alva Technologies. Curtis rushes back and turns into Hardware. As Hardware and Cadaver fight we learn the origin of Cadaver and his real name Arnold Porter. Hardware eventually defeats Cadaver and goes out on that date with Barraki.