Blood Syndicate #33 (Dec. 1995):
“Kwai Song”
by Ivan Velez Jr., Jeffery Moore, Rober Quijano

Blood Syndicate #33

Title: “Kwai Song”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Dec. 1995

Publisher: DC Milestone Media
Written by: Ivan Velez Jr.
Art by: Jeffery Moore, Rober Quijano

15 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Kwai Kwai (Nina Lam) hero
CBR Scale: M Chinese traditional religion
Asian; Blood Syndicate... 
[sister and arch-enemy of Demon Fox]
DC Milestone Media 29
Oro Oro (Miguel Medina) hero
  The Shadow Cabinet DC Milestone Media 22
Wise Son Wise Son (Hannibal White) hero
CBR Scale: S Black Muslim (Nation of Islam)
black; Blood Syndicate DC Milestone Media 59
The Monkey King The Monkey King
CBR Scale: M Taoist / Buddhist
[1st app: Journey to the West (1592)] unknown 157
DMZ DMZ hero
  black; Blood Syndicate DC Milestone Media 57
Fade Fade (Carlos Quinones Jr.) hero
black; Blood Syndicate...  DC Milestone Media 56
Flashback Flashback (Sara Quinones) hero
  Blood Syndicate; Force Syndicate...  DC Milestone Media 53
Masquerade Masquerade hero
  black; Blood Syndicate DC Milestone Media 31
Tech-9 Tech-9 (Rolando Texador) hero
  black; Blood Syndicate...  DC Milestone Media 22
Blood Syndicate Blood Syndicate hero group
  [gang] DC Milestone Media 61
Aquamaria Aquamaria (Maria) hero
CBR Scale: U Catholic
Blood Syndicate; Society of the Cross DC Milestone Media 34
Dogg Dogg hero
CBR Scale: M uplifted animal
Blood Syndicate; dog
[normal dog made intelligent by Big Bang Q-Juice]
DC Milestone Media 37
System System villain group
  [international conspiracy; controls most of civilized world] DC Milestone Media 25
The Jade Emperor supporting character deity
CBR Scale: D Chinese traditional religion
[father of Kwai (Blood Syndicate)]
DC Milestone Media 2
Demon Fox Demon Fox
CBR Scale: D Chinese traditional religion
Demon Fox Tong
[Chinese mystical being; rival of her sister Kwai]
DC Milestone Media 8

Text on cover:
Milestone Reader's Choice
32 fully painted pages for only 99 ¢
When Kwai returns to the mystic land of her birth, she'll wish she'd brought the Syndicate along!"

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We see Tech-9 and Masquerade face-off in a strange way. Tech-9 is starting to act strange. We see Kwai again as she travels to her homeland, the Kingdom of Kwen Lun. Dogg escapes from the S.Y.S.T.E.M. chumps. Kwai meets with her friend, the Monkey King. We learn that she needs to ask her father, the Jade Emperor for another life. But she is sentenced to death without reincarnation. The Monkey King finds the Syndicate.