Giant-Size Werewolf #2 (Oct. 1974):
“The Frankenstein Monster Meets Werewolf By Night”
by Doug Moench, Don Perlin, Vince Colletta

Giant-Size Werewolf #2

Title: “The Frankenstein Monster Meets Werewolf By Night”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Oct. 1974

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Doug Moench
Art by: Don Perlin, Vince Colletta

4 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Werewolf By Night Werewolf By Night (Jack Russell)
(lead character)
  Night Shift; The Howling Commandos Marvel 273
Frankenstein's Monster Frankenstein's Monster hero
  First Line; S.H.A.D.E.... 
[Uses name Frankenstein in tribute to his creator.]
Marvel DC 990
Lissa Russell Lissa Russell supporting character
CBR Scale: S Satanism: Brotherhood of Baal
[brother of Werewolf By Night; Nina Price's mother] Marvel 52
Buck Cowan Buck Cowan supporting character
  [best friend of Jack Russell (Werewolf By Night)] Marvel 40

This publication is also known as: Giant-Size Werewolf by Night #2 or Giant-Size Creatures #2.

This issue is sometimes identified as Giant-Size Werewolf by Night #2, but the words "by Night" do not actually appear on the cover.

There was no Giant-Size Werewolf #1. This issue continues its series numbering from Giant-Size Creatures #1.

This particular story takes place between issue #s 21 and 22 of the contemporaneously published Werewolf by Night series.