John Byrne’s Next Men (vol. 1) #0 (Feb. 1992):
by John Byrne

John Byrne's Next Men (vol. 1) #0

Title: “Prelude”

Feature: The Next Men

Medium: comic

Cover date: Feb. 1992

Publisher: Dark Horse
Written by: John Byrne
Art by: John Byrne

8 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Bethany Bethany hero
  Next Men Dark Horse 38
Danny Danny (Danny Hilltop) hero
  Next Men Dark Horse 33
Jack Jack (John Whalen) hero
CBR Scale: M Catholic priest
Next Men
[eventually became a devout Catholic]
Dark Horse 29
Jasmine Jasmine (Jasmine DeSoto) hero
  Next Men Dark Horse 35
Nathan Nathan hero
  Next Men Dark Horse 38
Tony Murcheson Tony Murcheson supporting character
  black; Next Men (ally) Dark Horse 32
Senator Aldus Hilltop Senator Aldus Hilltop villain
  [manipulative] Dark Horse 19
Dr. Joseph Bremmer supporting character scientist
  [chief scientist on Project Next Men] Dark Horse 2

This comic was reprinted from: Dark Horse Presents #56 (Nov. 1991): "Prelude".

This publication is also known as: Next Men #1.

This issue collects four stories previously published separately in Dark Horse Presents. All of them were written and illustrated by John Byrne and all are about the Next Men. The four stories are:
- Prelude
- Interlude
- Interlude II
- Nativity