Break-Thru #1 (Dec. 1993):
“Break-Thru: Part One”
by Gerard Jones, George Pérez, John Lowe

Break-Thru #1

Title: “Break-Thru: Part One”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Dec. 1993

Publisher: Malibu
Written by: Gerard Jones
Art by: George Pérez, John Lowe

16 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Night Man Night Man (Johnny Domino) hero
  [adventurer; musician] Malibu 110
Prime Prime (Kevin Green) hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish
Gross Babies; UltraForce Malibu Marvel 116
Prototype Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz) hero
  UltraForce Malibu 91
Amber Hunt Amber Hunt hero
CBR Scale: M host to the Entity and Phoenix
The Exiles; UltraForce Malibu Marvel 29
Choice Choice (Amy Tran Kwitny) hero
  [1st app: Hardcase #2 (July 1993)] Malibu 4
Strike Warstrike (Brandon Tark) hero
  The Exiles; UltraForce Malibu 47
Sludge Sludge (Det. Frank Hoag) hero
CBR Scale: M repentant
[former crooked cop working for mob; became hero]
Malibu 25
Hardcase Hardcase (Tom Hawke) hero
  Squad; UltraForce Malibu 80
Mantra Mantra (Lukasz/Eden Blake) hero
CBR Scale: M sorceress
Aladdin; Twelve Knights of Archimage Malibu 27
Wrath Wrath (Tom Hunter) hero
  Aladdin Malibu 10
Firearm Firearm (Alec Swan) hero
  Lodge Malibu 18
Freex Freex hero group
  [1st app: Freex #1 (July 1993)] Malibu 25
Solitaire Solitaire (Nicholas Lone) hero
  [son of a crime boss; fights his father's mobsters] Malibu 24
Aladdin Aladdin supporting character villain group
  [dedicated to studying and controlling Ultras] Malibu 38
The Solution The Solution hero group
  [1st app: The Solution #1 (Sep. 1993)] Malibu 26
The Omega Team villain group
  [trio of Ultra mercenaries empowered by Rex Mundi] Malibu Marvel 8