Poems for Our Children (1830):
“Mary Had a Little Lamb”
by Sarah Josepha Hale, John Roulstone

Poems for Our Children

Title: “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Medium: nursery rhyme

Publication date: 1830

Publisher: Marsh, Capen & Lyon
Written by: Sarah Josepha Hale, John Roulstone

Roud Folk Song Index Number: 7622

4 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Mary Mary (Mary Sawyer)
(lead character)
lead character real/historical person
  [from nursery rhyme; had a little lamb] Marsh, Capen & Lyon 16
Little Lamb Little Lamb supporting character
CBR Scale: D N.A.
[followed Mary to school one day]
Marsh, Capen & Lyon 4
The Teacher The Teacher supporting character
  [did not want Mary's lamb at school, but noted her kindness] Marsh, Capen & Lyon 1
the children the children supporting character group
  [Mary's classmates; laughed when lamb followed her to school] Marsh, Capen & Lyon 1

Poems for Our Children is also known as: Poems for our children: including Mary had a little lamb: designed for families, Sabbath schools, and infant schools: written to inculcate moral truths and virtuous sentiments.