One Thousand and One Nights (850 A.D.)

One Thousand and One Nights

Medium: novel

Publication date: 850 A.D.

Publisher: unknown

2 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Scheherazade Scheherazade
(lead character)
supporting character
CBR Scale: U Muslim
[storyeller of 1001 Arabian Nights] Cine-Alliance 40
jinn jinn supporting character group
  [hidden race] unknown 39

This novel is also known as: Arabian Nights.

The first English translation of this collection of West and South Asian folk stories was published in 1706. The Arabic and Persian book has a long, complex history. The first reference to the Arabic version under its full title The One Thousand and One Nights appeared in Cairo in the 12th century. But versions of the book which contain the essential core elements date back much earlier. Manuscript fragments have been discovered from 9th Century which bear the title Kitab Hadith Alf Layla ("The Book of the Tale of the Thousand Nights"), and contain opening lines in which Dinazad asks Shirazad (Scheherazade) to tell him stories.