Deuteromelia; or The Seconde part of Musicks (1609):
“Three Blind Mice”
by Thomas Ravenscroft

Deuteromelia; or The Seconde part of Musicks

Title: “Three Blind Mice”

Medium: nursery rhyme

Publication date: 1609

Publisher: Thomas Adams
Written by: Thomas Ravenscroft

Roud Folk Song Index Number: 3753

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Three Blind Mice Three Blind Mice
(lead character)
supporting character group
CBR Scale: D anthropomorphic animals
mouse Thomas Adams 48

The earliest known printed form of the nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice" was published (along with music for it) in 1609 in Deuteromelia; or The Seconde part of Musicks. The editor of this book was Thomas Ravenscroft, who may have been the author of the rhyme.

The nursery rhyme, as it appeared in this 1609 publication, read as follows:

Three Blinde Mice,
Three Blinde Mice,
Dame Iulian,
Dame Iulian,
the Miller and his merry olde Wife,
she scrapte her tripe licke thou the knife.