Valentine: Prelude To A Kill (2012)
by Daniel Cooney

Valentine: Prelude To A Kill

Medium: novel

Publication date: 18 July 2012

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Written by: Daniel Cooney
Art by: Daniel Cooney

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Valentine Valentine (Dana Vasquez)
(lead character)
  CIA Red Eye Press 14

Sexy, wily, and above all deadly--and all before her twentieth birthday. Fresh out of prison, Dana "Valentine" Vasquez can't seem to leave trouble behind. At the end of her rope, Dana joins a group of ragtag assassins to make use of her unique talents. In this groundbreaking illustrated novel, veteran comic book artist and writer Daniel Cooney takes us on an action-packed journey from New York City and rust-belt America into the vibrant countries of South America, where Valentine learns to master her skills as a professional killer. Bold, distinctive images flesh out the compelling work.