Justice League (vol. 1) #3 (July 1987):
by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire, Al Gordon

Justice League (vol. 1) #3

Title: “Meltdown”

Medium: comic

Cover date: July 1987

Publisher: DC
Written by: Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis
Art by: Keith Giffen, Kevin Maguire, Al Gordon

27 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Batman Batman (Bruce Wayne) hero
CBR Scale: ICBR Scale: S Episcopalian / Catholic (lapsed); atheist
Batman family; Quinntets...  DC 11,112
Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) hero
CBR Scale: M Martian religion
Justice Experience; Martian...  DC 2,228
Black Canary Black Canary (Dinah Lance) hero
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
Birds of Prey; The Justice League...  DC 1,406
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) hero
CBR Scale: S Greco-Roman classical religion / Protestant
Marvel Family; Shazam's Squadron of Justice...  Fawcett 756
Doctor Fate Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) hero
CBR Scale: M occult
All-Star Squadron; The Justice Society of America DC 114
Doctor Light Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) hero scientist
CBR Scale: S Buddhist
Asian; The Doom Patrol...  DC 134
Blue Beetle Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) hero
  Extreme Justice; L.A.W....  Fox Feature Syndicate Charlton, etc. 457
Green Lantern Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) hero
CBR Scale: I Catholic (lapsed)
Green Lantern Corps; The Justice League DC 534
Mister Miracle Mister Miracle (Scott Free) hero based on a real person
CBR Scale: S Apokolipsian Darkseid worship
The Justice League; The New Gods DC 305
Maxwell Lord Maxwell Lord supporting character villain
  Checkmate; Extremists...  DC 163
Blue Jay Blue Jay (Jay Abrams) hero
  The Champions of Angor DC 45
Rocket Red Rocket Red (Dimitri Pushkin) hero
  Rocket Red Brigade; The Justice League DC 118
Silver Sorceress Silver Sorceress (Laura Neilsen) hero
  The Champions of Angor DC 38
Wandjina Wandjina hero
CBR Scale: D Australian Aboriginal religion
The Champions of Angor DC 5
Rocket Red Brigade hero group
CBR Scale: S Communist
[] DC 21
Rocket Red #7 (Vladimir Mikoyan) villain
CBR Scale: M Manhunters
Justice League International; Manhunters...  DC 17
The Justice League The Justice League hero group
  [] DC 217
The Champions of Angor The Champions of Angor hero group
  [originally conceived as pastiche of Avengers] DC 7
Rumaan Harjavti villain
CBR Scale: S Muslim
[ruler of terrorist nation Bialya] DC 20
General Smerdyakov General Smerdyakov supporting character
  [commanded Rocket Red Brigade against JLA] DC 1
Rocket Red #1 (Josef Denisovich) villain hero
  Rocket Red Brigade DC 6
Rocket Red #2 hero
  Rocket Red Brigade DC 7
Rocket Red #3 hero
  Rocket Red Brigade DC 11
Rocket Red #5 (Alexei) hero
CBR Scale: S Communist atheist
Rocket Red Brigade DC 11
Rocket Red #6 hero
  Rocket Red Brigade DC 5
Booster Gold Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter)
CBR Scale: I atheist
Conglomerate; Extreme Justice...  DC 375
Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev
supporting character villain real/historical person
CBR Scale: S Russian Orthodox; atheist; Communist
[leader of USSR] DC 143


BELOW: When Rocket Red #4 (who later joins the Justice League) expressed belief in God, Rocket Red #5 chides him for doing so.

Dmitri, We're not supposed to believe in God.

Source: Justice League (vol. 1) #3 (July 1987): "Meltdown". Written by J. M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen. Art by Al Gordon, Keith Giffen, Kevin Maguire. See also: God; belief; Atheist; Communist; Rocket Red (Dimitri Pushkin); Rocket Red #5 (Alexei)