Season 1, Episode 3 (25 Jan. 2006): “Weekend Off”
by Kevin Cecil, Andy Riley, John Henderson

Hyperdrive - Season 1, Episode 3

Title: “Weekend Off”

Medium: television series episode

Original airdate: 25 Jan. 2006

Publisher: BBC
Written by: Kevin Cecil, Andy Riley
Directed by: John Henderson

6 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Commander Mike Henderson Commander Mike Henderson
(lead character)
lead character
  [starship commander] BBC 12
Eduardo York Eduardo York supporting character scientist
CBR Scale: M loves violence; trained by
monks of Quivutin
[scientist; first officer...] BBC 12
Chloe Teal Chloe Teal supporting character
CBR Scale: S agnostic
[diplomat] BBC 12
Dave Vine Dave Vine supporting character
  [quiet, introverted; collects 1990s antiques] BBC 12
Karl Jeffers Karl Jeffers supporting character
  [member of senior crew, but often disobeys orders] BBC 12
Sandstrom Sandstrom supporting character
CBR Scale: D Enhanced
[an "Enhanced" (cyborg altered to run spaceship)] BBC 12