Gilligan’s Island
Season 1, Episode 7 (7 Nov. 1964): “The Sound of Quacking”
by Lawrence J. Cohen, Fred Freeman, Tom Montgomery

Gilligan's Island - Season 1, Episode 7

Title: “The Sound of Quacking”

Medium: television series episode

Original airdate: 7 Nov. 1964

Publisher: CBS
Written by: Lawrence J. Cohen, Fred Freeman
Directed by: Tom Montgomery

8 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Gilligan Gilligan (Willy Gilligan) lead character
  U.S. Navy
[first mate on lost ship S.S. Minnow]
CBS 120
The Skipper The Skipper (Jonas Grumby) supporting character
  U.S. Navy
[owner of sailing ship S.S. Minnow]
CBS 119
The Millionaire The Millionaire (Thurston Howell III) supporting character
  Harvard University CBS 115
Mrs. Howell Mrs. Howell (Lovey Howell) supporting character
  [millionaire; socialite] CBS 116
The Movie-Star The Movie-Star (Ginger Grant) supporting character
  [actress; film star] CBS 115
The Professor The Professor (Roy Hinkley) supporting character scientist
  The University of Southern California; Southern Methodist University...  CBS 117
Mary Ann Summers Mary Ann Summers supporting character
  [farmer] CBS 121
unnamed duck supporting character
CBR Scale: D N.A.
[injured duck; landed on Gilligan's Island]