Daniel Vest’s MySpace website (2008):
“Code Name: Zeus webpage”
by Daniel Vest

Daniel Vest's MySpace website

Title: “Code Name: Zeus webpage”

Medium: webpage/website

Publication date: 2008

Publisher: MySpace
Written by: Daniel Vest
Art by: Daniel Vest

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Code Name: Zeus Code Name: Zeus
(lead character)
  [1st app: Daniel Vest's MySpace website (2008)] MySpace 1

Daniel Vest planned to create a comic book series titled "Code Name: Zeus." He used 3D graphics software to create the art. In 2008 posted images from his planned comic book series on his (now-defunct) MySpace website. "Code Name: Zeus" was one of many independent comic book characters announced as part of the cast of the then-upcoming comic book series "War of the Independents."

As far as we know, when the "War of the Independents" limited series was actually published, "Code Name: Zeus" was not part of it.