The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) #187 (June 1981):
“Arena of Despair!”
by Cary Burkett, Dan Spiegle

The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) #187

Title: “Arena of Despair!”

Feature: Nemesis

Medium: comic

Cover date: June 1981

Publisher: DC
Written by: Cary Burkett
Art by: Dan Spiegle

10 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Nemesis Nemesis (Tom Tresser)
(lead character)
  FBI; Jihad...  DC 92
Marjorie Marshall Marjorie Marshall supporting character
  [like 2nd mother to Nemesis; widow of his late boss] DC 8
Jay Kingston Jay Kingston villain
  [] DC 9
The Council The Council villain group
  [crime syndicate] DC 23
Irene Scarfield Irene Scarfield villain
  The Council DC 8
Leonard Maddoks Leonard Maddoks villain
  The Council DC 7
Valerie Foxworth Valerie Foxworth supporting character
CBR Scale: M vengeance
[sought vengeance against The Council] DC 17
Chris Foxworth Chris Foxworth supporting character scientist
  [] DC 5
Roadrunner supporting character
  [] DC 3
Brewster villain
  [1st app: The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) #186 (May 1981)] DC 4