World’s Finest Comics (vol. 1) #249 (Feb.-Mar. 1978):
“Moon Lady and the Monster”
by Steve Ditko

World's Finest Comics (vol. 1) #249

Title: “Moon Lady and the Monster”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Feb.-Mar. 1978

Publisher: DC
Written by: Steve Ditko
Art by: Steve Ditko

9 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
The Creeper The Creeper (Jack Ryder)
(lead character)
CBR Scale: U anarchist
Justice League of Anarchy; Secret Society of Super Villains...  DC 184
Moon Lady supporting character
  [] DC 1
Protectors of Watchers' Sensibilities supporting character villain group
  [1 POWS member is villain] DC 1
The Monster (Ike Keller) villain
  [] DC 1
Sam Hagen supporting character
  [] DC 6
Fran Daye Fran Daye supporting character
  [] DC 5
Ames Vone supporting character
  [] DC 1
The Monster (Abe Keeler) supporting character
  [] DC 1
Dump supporting character
  [] DC 6