Gotham Girls
Season 1, Episode 11 (14 Dec. 2000): “Lady-X”
by Jeremy Rosenberg, Ben Stein

Gotham Girls - Season 1, Episode 11

Title: “Lady-X”

Medium: webisode

Original airdate: 14 Dec. 2000

Publisher: DC Noodle Soup Productions Warner Brothers
Directed by: Jeremy Rosenberg, Ben Stein

7 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Catwoman Catwoman (Selina Kyle) villain hero
CBR Scale: I Catholic
Batman family; Injustice League...  DC 911
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) villain
CBR Scale: M fundamentalist
Injustice League; Secret Society of Super Villains...  DC 414
Oracle Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) hero
  Batman family; Birds of Prey...  DC 921
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Quinzel) villain
CBR Scale: S Jewish Catholic
Justice League of Anarchy; Secret Six...  DC 206
Lady X Lady X villain
 indeterminate  [] DC Noodle Soup Productions, etc. 1
The Joker The Joker
CBR Scale: M anarchist; obsessed with being Batman's arch-enemy
Injustice League; The Injustice Gang...  DC 1,679
Mayor Hamilton Hill Mayor Hamilton Hill
supporting character villain
  [Gotham mayor during early part of Batman's career] DC Warner Brothers 28