Strange Tales (vol. 1) #180 (June 1975):
“The Judgment!”
by Jim Starlin (as Sam Jiltirn), Jim Starlin

Strange Tales (vol. 1) #180

Title: “The Judgment!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: June 1975

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Jim Starlin (as Sam Jiltirn)
Art by: Jim Starlin

10 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Him Him (Adam Warlock)
(lead character)
  Guardians of the Galaxy; Infinity Watch (founder)
[savior of worlds]
Marvel 294
Spirit of Vengeance Spirit of Vengeance (Wileaydus Autolycus) hero clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: M Sark religion (former priest);
Universal Church of Truth
(former priest)
Black Knights; Galactic Guardians
[circa 3015 A.D.]
Marvel 18
Gamora Gamora hero
CBR Scale: M Zen Whoberi; raised by nihilist
Graces; Guardians of the Galaxy...  Marvel 171
Pip the Troll Pip the Troll (Pip Gofern) supporting character hero
CBR Scale: M Laxidazian Hedonist
Infinity Watch; Laxidazian Marvel 121
Magus Magus (Adam Warlock) villain
CBR Scale: S Universal Church of Truth
[would-be conqueror] Marvel 65
Judge Kray-Tor Judge Kray-Tor villain
CBR Scale: D Universal Church of Truth
Judan Marvel 16
The Matriarch The Matriarch villain
CBR Scale: D Universal Church of Truth
[1st app: Strange Tales #178 (Feb. 1975)] Marvel 28
Yon-Lok supporting character
CBR Scale: D infidel
[witness who defended Adam Warlock in church trial] Marvel 1
Black Knights Black Knights villain group
CBR Scale: D Universal Church of Truth
[enforcers for UCT church] Marvel 5
Grand Inquisitors Grand Inquisitors villain group clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: D Universal Church of Truth
[warrior] Marvel 3